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2023 Week 17
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These are the main changes promoted to stable, somehow sorted by chronological order and grouped by their Main Tag:

Change summary (with main Tag)PatchMain Task
UX: show confirmation dialog when closing a modal if contents have been changedD25015T15034
UX: When previewing a custom form, hidden fields are now really hiddenD25037T15217
Diffusion: prevent Line Numbers from being copied as tabsD25024none
Passphrase: support MentionsD25032T15234
Passphrase: Allow to prefill name and descriptionD25065T15142
Fonts: added cross-platform default fontsD25021T15049
Pholio: fix broken file PHID extraction that causes uploads to crashD25058T15105
Auth: Update login sprite sheetsD25055none
Calendar: fix possible exception in homepageD25060T15136
Calendar: improve Import ICS and fix possible exceptionD25061T15137
Conduit: minor change in documentation pagesD25063T15141
Typehead: fix Search results not opening in a new tab with middle+click or ctrl+clickD25069T15149
Search Cluster: fix info page when using MySQLD25070T15155
Search Cluster: fix Application descriptionD25110T15230
Files: Drag & Drop popup: allow to quickly reach the File MonogramD25074T15165
Files: Drag & Drop popup: the link is now an external linkD25077T15172
Workboard: fix ctrl+click on "Create Task" and "Edit Task"D25072T15157
Workboard: improve the Create Task button URL (for people that opens in new tab)D25068T15147
Workboard: with colors, increase a bit menu opacityD25088T15186
Config: Fix information page about Read-only statusD25091T15185
Feed: avoid to repeat the current title of a Diff twiceD25094T15183
Ponder: strike code of resolved questions in query resultsD25086T15166
Herald: fix Back button in the Object pageD25087T15184
Documentation: mention that git 2.5.0 (2015) is probably needed server-sideD25081T15179
Phriction: make search results self-explainingD25102T15213
Mobile: fix missing Actions menu in Diffusion Basic ManagementD25109T15067
Comments: deleted comments are a little more docileD25096T15192
PHP 8 support: avoid use of deprecated utf8_decode()D25092T15188
PHP 8 support: fixes for deprecated use of ${var} in stringsD25098T15196
PHP 8 support: fix deprecated creation of dynamic propertiesD25100T15201
PHP 8 support: fix deprecated use of "parent" in callablesD25099T15200
PHP 8 support: fixes for strlen() not accepting NULL anymore, part 1 and 2D25104T15190

Visual Changes

New Confirmation Dialog when Closing a Modal by mistake

On a Workboard, if you press the Esc key by mistake, now you see a kind Confirmation Dialog. Your volatile edits are more safe:

Phorge confirmation dialog.png (953×1 px, 156 KB)

Patch: D25015

New Search Results for Phriction

Search Results about Phriction documents now are somehow more about a "wiki page"!

Phorge Wiki Page result before.png (216×422 px, 8 KB)
Mockup Phriction.png (191×405 px, 10 KB)

Patch: D25102

Drag & Drop Popup: Fast access to Edit Permissions

After you Drag & Drop a file, you see something like this:

Phorge File upload screenshot.png (68×280 px, 6 KB)

Now the destination link changed:


So you can visit its Edit button to change Permissions in 2 clicks, etc. Also, the link now opens in a new tab: less possibilities to loss your work in your current tab ✨

Patches: D25074, D25077

All Search Results supporting ctrl+click

All search results now can be opened easily opened in parallel, in another Tab, using ctrl+click or middle-click:

Patch: D25069

Self-Descriptive API pages

All API description pages in Conduit, now have a nice visible description, very visible:

Conduit API proposed Summary field.png (572×831 px, 88 KB)

Patch: D25063

Workboard colors: a bit more Accessible

If you had problems with menu transparency now menus are 0.000001% more opaque, unlocking unlimited new powers:

Phabricator too much transparency.png (499×978 px, 109 KB)
Phabricator enough transparency.png (499×978 px, 109 KB)

Patch: D25088

Diffusion repositories: editable from Mobile

Now Diffusion repositories can be edited from Tablet and Mobile users, using the Actions button (previously not working):

Diffusion before D25109.png (366×670 px, 32 KB)
Diffusion after D25109.png (366×670 px, 33 KB)

Patch: D25109

Deleted Comments: less distracting

Now every Deleted Comment is a bit more docile, so you gain extra focus:

Comments deleted Before D25096.png (319×340 px, 16 KB)
Comments deleted After D25096.png (298×343 px, 15 KB)

Patch: D25096

Total Patches

This sum the main Tasks to have an overview of the main areas:


This version was improved also thanks to the following Crash Reporters:

This version was Phorged by these generous Code Contributors:

This version was approved by these glorious code reviewers:

Thanks to all the amazing people who keep Phorge active!


We are grateful to some internal technicians in LimeSurvey who started in these days an evaluation to eventually migrate from Mantis Bug Tracker to an own instance of Phorge. Good luck! We are with you!

Referenced Files
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May 25 2023, 16:54
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May 25 2023, 16:32
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May 25 2023, 16:32
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May 25 2023, 16:32
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May 25 2023, 16:32
F256610: D25069 after-before demonstration.mp4
May 25 2023, 16:32
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