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Prefill tags when user opens new task form in new tab from workboard column
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Going to a project workboard such as Projects and using the pencil icon in a column to create a new task, but right click and open in a new tab, does not prefill the tags input with the project tag associated with that workboard.

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If you go to a Workboard, and you open its context menu, and you hover your mouse on the Create Task action, you see this URL or a similar one:

The proposed change is to have this URL or a similar one instead:

Note that the destination form already handles the tags= parameter so this would just be a minimal frontend change, just to help people who like to open links in a new tab.

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Don't try to steal this Task to Dylsss, who proposed a very nice patch for this.

It just needs a land

D25068: Workboard: improve the Create Task link to mention the Project slug

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