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Not able to edit a "Calendar Imported .ics URI"
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Nov 28 2022, 20:34
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Nov 28 2022, 20:40
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I tried the nice Phorge/Phabricator Calendar import .ics URI and I discovered that, when you create an import URI, then you are not able to edit it anymore.

For example, when visiting this URL in my Phorge:

The page exits with this exception:

Argument 2 passed to PhabricatorCalendarImport::initializeNewCalendarImport() must be an instance of PhabricatorCalendarImportEngine, null given, called in phabricator/src/applications/calendar/editor/PhabricatorCalendarImportEditEngine.php on line 45

Also, even if we fix this problem, it seems the controller is missing the possibility to edit the URI.

Here a mock-up of the field that is currently missing in edit mode:

Screenshot_2022_11_28_180256.png (241×506 px, 31 KB)

So. In short:

  • allow to open an already-created "Calendar import URI" in edit mode and without any exception
  • allow to see a text input with your original import URI (since it's mine, I must see it) and allow me to change that value (for example to fix the secret token, etc.)

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