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Missing Diffusion Admin actions on mobile
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At the moment there is a bug in the Diffusion UI since you cannot manage a repository from mobile.

In short, this administration box is not visible on mobile:

image.png (316×320 px, 16 KB)

Steps to reproduce

  • take a smartphone
  • find a Diffusion repository you can edit and click Actions > Manage Repository
  • try to find the "Edit Basic Information" button (→ not possible)

Description of the problem

It seems there are these rules hiding the thing on mobile:

.device .curtain-no-panels {
 display: none;
.device .phabricator-action-list-view {
  display: none;

Proposed solution n. 1

Since I think that one day someone sayd "it makes sense to hide all listviews on a small device" maybe it has sense to do not just rollback it but do a little more.

For example, we can replace this rule:

.device .phabricator-action-list-view {
  display: none;

With a more generic one like:

.device .hide-on-device {
  display: none;

In this way we can just adopt class="hide-on-device" to hide specific elements on a small device, when needed, instead of assuming that a certain class of elements should be just always invisible on mobile as default.

Proposed solution n. 2

Adopt the "Curtain" menu in the Diffusion admin page.

Example of the Curtain menu:

Screenshot_2022_12_17_154833.png (161×317 px, 9 KB)

Curtain-related code in Maniphest that can be used as starting point for Diffusion: