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Added cross-platform default fonts
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Authored by vedranmiletic on Wed, Sep 22, 23:00.


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T15049: Segoe UI Symbol provides bad user experience

system-ui is provided by modern browsers as a cross-platform default font. Using this font was a controversial choice back in 2017. because it did not address i18n well and therefore it was removed from Bootstrap twbs/bootstrap#22377. However, it was added back in Bootstrap v5 twbs/bootstrap#30561 since it got better over time.

Fixes T15049.

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Tested locally for now.

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Owners added a reviewer: Restricted Owners Package.Wed, Sep 22, 23:00
vedranmiletic retitled this revision from Remove variants of Segoe UI except default from fonts list and add more useful defaults to Added cross-platform default fonts.
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This revision only adds cross-platform default fonts and doesn't remove any of the existing ones.

Could you describe in more detail what this change is doing? - Because I am not familiar with celerity, I did read through for some background.

And specifically, does this impact any other browsers other than the one you mentioned having an issue? (e.g. Will this revision change any fonts on any other platforms where this problem does not exist?)