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2023 Week 23
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This version still doesn't officially support PHP 8.1 and later.

Production installs should continue using PHP 7.x.


Noteworthy changesPatchMain Discussion
Mobile: show Homepage contents and avoid duplicate menusD25107T15216
People: add builtin query to list AdministratorsD25116T15238
#Countdown: add dedicated Create permissionD25101T15208
Remarkup: improve file permissions on Drag & DropD25052T15106
Phorge: fix brand in SSH Key ActionsGenerate KeypairD25135T15274
Arcanist: fix for recent Mercurial 6.4D25143T15288
Arcanist: update SSL CA bundleD25049
PHP 8 support: really tons of PHP 8.1 fixes (mostly by aklapper ☕)T15064
Scripts: add commodity script ./bin/celerity sprites for developers (better)D25274T15437


Database upgrade needed:No.
Breaking changes:No.

Known issues

In this version your Dashboard panels are closed as default as reported in T15474.

Please participate in the related fixes:

Visual Changes

Better Homepage on Mobile

For some reasons the Homepage was a bit weird on Mobile. Fixed! Now you see contents instead of a menu. Example result:

Gitpull Before D25107.png (537×324 px, 30 KB)
Gitpull After D25107.png (537×324 px, 37 KB)

The menu entries are available under the "hamburger" button.

Patch: D25107

Community Context

Many thanks to some FreeBSD community members who are hacking Phorge to improve local workflows! And compliment again for your beautiful document FreeBSD-Code-Review-with-git-arc.pdf. Go FreeBSD! ❤️

Many thanks to some Wikimedia community members who are migrating from Phabricator to Phorge (, and they are also hammering hard for PHP 8.1! Thanks Wikimedia! 💪

This version was also hammered during Wikimedia Hackaton in Athens, with ~20 patches crafted, reviewed, tested and landed in just that week-end. Nice! 👌

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