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2024 week 19
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10 December 2023 - 11 May 2024

NOTE: This is a Release Candidate


  • We reverted the Fonts back to last-known-good
  • Diffusion's "Clone" dialog now has a "copy url" button


Change summary (with main Tag)PatchDiscussion
UX: Add Hovercards to the sidebar on the rightD25424T15577
UX: Improve Dark Mode code blocksD25509T15056
Diffusion: Add support for FIDO2-backed SSH keysD25508Q96
Diffusion: Implement "Locate File" input in Browse viewD25521T15645
Diffusion: Allow to uninstall (hide) Audit applicationD25503T15129
Diffusion: Improve the clone modal with lovely "copy" buttonsD25536
Diffusion: Improve top navigation bar + README more visible (just in Home)D25538T15728
Workboard: add new Trigger sound "Coin.mp3"D25079T15178
Workboard: Drag & Drop Cover Image now visible to others (auto-attach)D25475T15163
Maniphest: prevent "Action with no effect" when closing without claimingD25550T15164
Fonts: Revert font change, until we have a better planD25530T15630
Deprecated Fund and Phortune prototype applicationsD25533T15726
Infra: Extensions can now use TraitsD25551T15751
Remarkup: a new remarkup rule to format color codes (experimental, not working)D25540T15744
People: better user rename error managementD25601T15795
infra: i18n string extraction script will not pull strings out of test codeD25624T15815
Bug Reports: Numerous PHP 8.x compatibility warnings fixedT15064
Bug Reports: Numerous legacy crashes fixed

Visual Changes

Workboard Coin Sound

Finally, Coin automation, for more satisfaction and less burnout. ColumnNew TriggerPlay soundCoin

Related patch: D25079

Diffusion Clone Buttons

You clone repositories. We make it easier. Enter the dungeon with a single click.

image.png (246×812 px, 12 KB)
image.png (243×813 px, 13 KB)

Related patch: D25536

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F270656: D25079 Coin.mp4
Sat, May 11, 04:37
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