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Curtain: add Hovercard support
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Authored by valerio.bozzolan on Mon, Aug 28, 13:19.
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F358314: D25424.diff
Tue, Sep 26, 06:55
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F342785: Curtain with Hovercard.png
Mon, Aug 28, 13:19


Group Reviewers
O1: Blessed Committers
Maniphest Tasks
T15577: Show existing Hovercards from more places

Before this change, the right navigation panel (Curtain) had info without Hovercard support.

After this change, all fields, like Subscribers, Tags, Referenced Files etc. have Hovercards.

If you meet an UX problem with a specific field with Hovercard, you can disable that specific
Hovercard, calling PHUICurtainObjectRefView::setHovercarded(false).

This is an example, now with Hovercard support:

Curtain with Hovercard.png (830×1 px, 100 KB)

Closes T15577

Test Plan

No nuclear implosions when, on desktop and with a mouse:

Browse Maniphest Task and mouse hover Authored By, Assigned To, Subscribers, Referenced Files, ...

Browse Phriction document and mouse Tags, Referenced Files, Subscribers, ...

Browse single commit and mouse hover Referenced Files, Subscribers, ...

Browse Ponder question and mouse hover Tags, Referenced Files, Subscribers, ...

Browse Differential revision and mouse hover Tags, Referenced Files, Subscribers, ...

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Buildable 814
Build 814: arc lint + arc unit