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Resolving without Claiming causes error "Action with no effect"
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a simple Task, Open, without owner
  2. Add Action > Change Status > Resolved
    • NOTE: An automatic Transaction is added to Claim=yourself
  3. Add Action > Assign / Claim > unset yourself
  4. Save

What happens:


What should happen:

No warning should be raised.

This is a corner case since, the warning it's useful when a field is empty. But, in this case, there is a default in action: it is really setting yourself as Assignee. And you are unsetting it, and not leaving it as just blank.

What probably happens

This is an attempt to describe what kind of interaction happens under the hood. Every line is a new time phase.

Starting from a simple Task, Open, without owner:

PhaseWhat you DoWhat Phorge doesNotes
1Add Action > Change Status > Resolved
2The ManiphestTransactionEditor (:356-368) expandes the transaction to set yourself as claimer(This is nice)
3Add Action > Assign / Claim > unset yourself
4Save (what is it actually sent?)← On Save, maybe "Expanded transactions that were unset" should be skipped
5The PhabricatorApplicationTransactionEditor (:2821-2826) thinks Claim=null was unuseful
6throw new PhabricatorApplicationTransactionNoEffectException
7The mentioned error is shown