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Trigger: Add Sound "Coin"

Authored by valerio.bozzolan on Mar 22 2023, 07:50.
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"Doubloon" token, awarded by valerio.bozzolan.



One preview is better than a thousand of words:

This Sound is probably universally recognized thanks to
videogames like Super Mario® or other popular platforms; but
this specific Coin Sound is not proprietary: it's released
with a Free as in Freedom of Speach license: Creative Commons 0.

As if that were not enough, this Coin sound, instead of
potentially creating frustration like many others - it positively
stimulates part of the human cerebral cortex involved in making
humans more addicted to Phorge. To be precise, this Coin sound is
particularly suitable to be associated with Trigger actions
such as:

  • Mark as Resolved
  • Move on to the next Milestone
  • etc.

But the only limitation here, as usual in Phorge, is
your imagination.

Insert a Coin and have fun with Phorge.

Complete sound credits:

2023, Jocabundus, Creative Commons Zero (public domain dedication)

This change also introduces a Credits page in Diviner to mentions this
kind of things. Future contributions in that page are encouraged.

Insert a Coin. Play again with Phorge.

Ref T15178
Ref T15248

Test Plan
  • Create a Project with a Workboard
  • Create a Column
  • Column > Gear > New Trigger...
  • Action > Play Sound > "Coin"
  • Create a Task on the Backlog column, and drop it on your new Column
  • Turn on audio, have fun!

Diff Detail

rP Phorge
Lint Not Applicable
Tests Not Applicable

Event Timeline

fight with arc diff to convince it that this is different

set icon in the array keeping alphabetical order

We can have more fun by adding sounds in more places. To avoid possible mutiny, we should allow users to disable sounds too.

Add a Diviner page with Credits, including multimedia credits.

Hi @chris :D Just to chat a bit. Do you like this Trigger demo?

(TL;DR video here: F270656)

I suggest to accept with "whatcouldgowrong" \o/

What a lovely day to run a git rebase master to shine

It's the anniversary of this super-important killer feature 💌

See the video with audio enabled to enjoy celebration \o/

I guess I'm fine with adding that mp3 file.
I am personally not convinced by the creation of src/docs/flavor/project_credits.diviner: I've seen way too many "let's create some list, with best intentions, and at some point unfortunately forget about updating it" examples in FOSS projects. Every added line in software projects creates additional maintenance costs (and in some cases bitrot); human resources are in theory unlimited and in reality rather sparse.
Credits could go into the git commit message, maybe?

I'm also unsure and I would agree if somebody suggests to omit the Diviner page. Relevant discussion also from @avivey

My answer to that question is: "Yes, in the commit message" (as CC0 imposes no legal requirement.) Also FYI, the MP3 file in this patch itself mentions author and URL in its metadata.

Yeah, I don't like the diviner page.
For other included 3rd parties, we often put a license file right next to the asset:

In the case of this single CC0 file - I think the commit message + mp3 metadata is probably enough, maybe with an additional txt file somewhere.

Nuke Diviner page \o/ add txt somewhere

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mar 2 2024, 15:10
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.