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Implement "Locate File" input in Browse view
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Sep 26 2023, 07:03
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Sep 26 2023, 07:03
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Sep 26 2023, 07:03
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Sep 26 2023, 07:03
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In Diffusion, there is the very nice "Locate File" input. The problem with it is: It is hard to reach, especially when switching branches. For me, it goes like this:

  1. I switch the branch:
    image.png (157×314 px, 6 KB)
  2. I am very confused, why I can't locate a file:
    image.png (348×774 px, 15 KB)
  3. I have to click there to get to the "homepage" of the branch:
    image.png (378×529 px, 16 KB)

That is a bad user experience. I think, there should always be a "Locate File" input when browsing files. So the input should be implemented in the browse view. And it should be directory sensitive. If I am browsing a directory, It should only show files in that directory and sub directories.

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bekay triaged this task as Normal priority.

Well, no opinions from the team. I still think this should be implemented... 😁

I wonder if under the hood this means "Add branch support to Locate File"

speck subscribed.

I’ve been meaning to investigate this. It also has thrown me that it’s not available where you expect it. I do suspect @valerio.bozzolan is right