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2023 Week 32
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Phorge is starting to be somehow usable on PHP 8.1 ✨ but still not officially supported. We still suggest PHP 7.x 😎


Noteworthy changePatchMain Discussion
UX: Less verbose Subscribe messagesD25191T15347
UX: Better alpha imagesD25294T15473
UX: Fix notifications iconD25312T15415
UX: Avoid page reload from Workboard Column's EditCancelD25302T15471
Conduit: expose more info in project.column.searchD25038T15484
Dashboards: add dedicated "Can create" policyD25270T15438
Dashboards: Tab Panels: fix regression (sorry)D25291T15474
Dashboards: Tab Panels: fix "Move Right" broken since yearsD25307T15493
Dashboards Panels: add Archive supportD25368T15366
Diffusion: The "Locate File" accepts relative path namesD25320T15508
Remarkup: Parse Markdown code-block language like StackOverflow, GitLab etc.D25299T15481
Phriction: More informative HovercardD25303T15433
Projects: Project Hovercards: Show DescriptionD25331T15275
Differential: now you can update a Diff of a coworker from webD25337T15538
Phame: expose RSS feed from blog pagesD25346T15550
PHP 8 support: Again really a lot of small fixesT15064

Update info:

Database upgrade neededNo
Breaking changesNo

Visual Changes

More support to Markdown code-blocks

Remarkup now supports "Markdown code-blocks" in php, cpp, arduino, cobol, kotlin and 30+ languages:

$asd = ( function( $i ) { return $i * 2; } )( 1 ); // Confusing Stuff!

Before this change, this was the only method:

$asd = ( function( $i ) { return $i * 2; } )( 1 ); // Confusing Stuff!

Both cases now render in this way:

$asd = ( function( $i ) { return $i * 2; } )( 1 ); // Confusing Stuff!

We still think that Remarkup is superior against any "Markdown". Enjoy the documentation of Remarkup.

Related patch: D25299

Less verbose history messages

Now history is more compact and less distracting when talking about self-actions like Subscribe or Unsubscribe.

Subscriber messages - Before.png (365×652 px, 61 KB)
Subscriber messages - After.png (365×652 px, 45 KB)

Related patch: D25191

Better background for alpha images

Task description and comments allow designers to discuss transparent logos.

Screenshot from 2023-06-14 20-30-01.png (799×420 px, 26 KB)
Screenshot from 2023-06-14 20-29-29.png (825×420 px, 30 KB)

Related patch: D25294

Dashboard Panels: add Archive support

Now an Archived Panel is hidden from all Dashboards. They are also more recognizable when editing Dashboards.

After Archived Panel.png (549×657 px, 34 KB)

Related patch: D25368

Community Context

We had a small meeting during Wikimania Sigapore to code and push subliminal messages into official videos:

Phorge written on Wikipedian shirt.png (532×863 px, 440 KB)

In addition, Wikimedia Foundation migrated to Phorge just after the event. Well done! Go Phorge!

Referenced Files
F343635: Phorge written on Wikipedian shirt.png
Aug 30 2023, 07:50
F325637: After Archived Panel.png
Aug 11 2023, 16:31
F310033: Screenshot from 2023-06-14 20-29-29.png
Aug 11 2023, 16:31
F310031: Screenshot from 2023-06-14 20-30-01.png
Aug 11 2023, 16:31
F286216: Subscriber messages - After.png
Aug 11 2023, 16:31
F286215: Subscriber messages - Before.png
Aug 11 2023, 16:31
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