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Locate File could accept initial "./" to speedup lazy terminal users
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Very often, if you are a Linux user, or a whatever kernel user with GNU Coreutils, or similar, you can get similar path names, for example from the find command:

$ find

But starting with ./ is frequent also for the output of grep:

$ grep -R 'Phorge is a community-maintained fork of' .
./ is a community-maintained fork of [Phabricator]

And, I'm sure, also some other command line friends.

The problem is, if you paste "./support/aphlict/server/lib/AphlictPeer.js" into the Locate File of a Diffusion, you get nothing because it's prefixed by "./". If you strip that prefix, now Locate File works again.

In short this is the situation, and this could happen instead:

Diffusion Locate File no results.png (623ร—599 px, 55 KB)
Diffusion Locate File with results.png (623ร—599 px, 70 KB)

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DO you know about arc browse?

arc browse ./support/aphlict/server/package-lock.json opens the file directly from the command line.

I was honestly not aware of that. Interesting. Thanks!

Premising that during discussions in a browser chat on a software project, I think it's still useful to just copy-paste this kind of path from your chat to the online Diffusion tab, without the need to pass across the terminal to be redirected on another Diffusion tab.