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Add Status, sequence and isDefault to the conduit api results for
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Authored by 20after4 on Sun, Apr 24, 18:29.


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T15081: Figure out if there are patches from Wikimedia's fork that are desirable to upstream in Phorge

This seems like a fairly obvious oversight with the api.


  1. the status (active vs archived)
  2. isDefaultColumn (the one that tasks get dropped in by default)
  3. sequence (order on the workboard)

are all necessary for a lot of things that very sensible real-world api clients need to do when working with columns.

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Tested on over many months and used by real client apps.

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It seems odd to return the strings "0" and "1" for the status. Unless there's a reason to do this, an integer would be more reasonable. Even better would be an array containing the keys "value" and "name", like in a few other status fields.


The existing bool fields use the language "True if ..." rather than "Whether ...".

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