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Give embedded image files with transparency (alpha channel) a checkered background
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download , a PNG image file with transparent background
  2. Upload via http://phorge.localhost/file/upload/
  3. See that its page http://phorge.localhost/F220 shows a checkered background for the image; hovering shows full contrast.
  4. Create a task with the description {F220}.

Expected outcome:
Image is rendered as on page http://phorge.localhost/F220

Actual outcome:
Image is purely white; hovering changes nothing:

Screenshot from 2023-06-14 20-30-01.png (799×420 px, 26 KB)

Other comments:
Defining the same behavior for .phabricator-remarkup-embed-image img as already for .document-engine-image img in webroot/rsrc/css/phui/phui-property-list-view.css leads to the following results:

Screenshot from 2023-06-14 20-29-29.png (825×420 px, 30 KB)

Screenshot from 2023-06-14 20-29-41.png (825×420 px, 31 KB)

Downstream ticket:

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@aklapper This task created a small regression. It is really so small I don‘t think it needs a task. Maybe you can accept my revision D25522.