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Auto-subscription is a little bit too verbose: «Person added a subscriber: Person»
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When somebody subscribes on something, this message is probably a little bit too verbose:

Person added a subscriber: Person

Similar action:

Person removed a subscriber: Person

This is not optimal because:

  1. no human in the world talks like that (at least no human proficient with social habits)
    • Phorge is clearly our unique friend here, and so it should not try to highlight that it's an artificial friendship.
  2. pompous phrases does not help in professional focus
    • imagine a world where you can switch off 0.01% of your brain to read a sentence, and preserve that energy to focus on software development. Wow!
  3. wall of texts tends to be skipped, but skipping info should not be encouraged
    • try to subscribe 69 times. Now destroy a random production server with rm --recursive --force / and unsubscribe again 420 times. I bet that your wall of text would be so intense that any related nuclear damage will be not noticed. Eheh!

Proposed solution

Proposed text difference:

-Person added a subscriber: Person.
+Person subscribed
-Person removed a subscriber: Person.
+Person unsubscribed

Proposed visual difference:

Subscriber messages - Before.png (365×652 px, 61 KB)
Subscriber messages - After.png (365×652 px, 45 KB)

Note that the involved person is always a link, and that the link is always in bold, and very prominent.

So this also reduces a bit the visual impact of unuseful stuff and requires less lines on mobile.

It also requires less markup, so less page loading, by at least a billionth of a second. Also, it saves server CPU cycles, and also it saves network packets.

Doing math, after this change, I wouldn't be surprised if all Phorge instances could save a single dolphin every 6 years.

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