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Hovercard of wiki article needs more information
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May 30 2023, 14:59
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F311299: Project Hovercard.png
Jun 17 2023, 21:47
F311294: Task Hovercard.png
Jun 17 2023, 21:41
F311192: image.png
Jun 17 2023, 16:30
F299705: image.png
May 30 2023, 14:59
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The problem: The hovercard of a wiki article in the feed has no information whatsoever. Here is an example:

Current Phriction HovercardComparison with ManiphestProject
image.png (194ร—551 px, 9 KB)
Task Hovercard.png (61ร—400 px, 5 KB)
Project Hovercard.png (124ร—420 px, 7 KB)

In its current form, this hovercard has not more information than the text which triggers the card. Our wiki for exmakle is nested, so it would be really nice to see more than the title.

Proposal for a better hovercard:

<article title>
Wiki Page * <tags>
<full wiki path of article>
Last Author: <author>
Last Edited: <datetime>

Please feel free to add tags as you see fit.


Path forward

  • Create a new class PhrictionHovercardEngineExtension, which extends PhabricatorHovercardEngineExtension
  • arc liberate to register class
  • happy coding ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I can try to make a patch, if there is some code contributuon guide and nobody else is willing to resolve this issue. I know I have to add patches with arcanist - but that's all ๐Ÿ˜“

Yeah! Feel free to claim this Task. I would just suggest to look for "hovercard" here and there to have an idea.

Example inspirational code for Maniphest Tasks:

And I really do not know anything more :D But feel free to submit also a stub incomplete patch.

bekay renamed this task from Tooltip of wiki article needs more information to Hovercard of wiki article needs more information.May 30 2023, 15:28
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I really like the idea here. Nice research :)

Okay, this would be the new hovercard:

image.png (159ร—411 px, 11 KB)

After a bit of code cleanup I could create a revision. No idea how to do that but we will see.

So lovely!

To create a revision, probably just this is necessary:

../arcanist/bin/arc diff

And just follow the wizard. Assuming that your git history is just: origin/master plus your commit(s).