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2023 week 49
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25 August 2023 -- 8 December 2023


  • PHP 8 deprecation notices will no longer break the application
  • Fixed support for new Mercurial
  • Old, deprecated and unused Chat Log application is removed


Change summary (with main Tag)PatchMain Task
Diffusion: Allow to find Repositories by partial name · D25430T15583
Diffusion: Teach Commit View about EncodingD25360Q68
Diffusion: Add custom policy for "Can View and Edit Identities"D25450T15443
Diffusion: add support to recent Mercurial - e.g. 6.4D25471
PHP 8 support: Don't fatal when hitting deprecation warningT15554
PHP 8 support: fix lots of deprecation warningsT15064
Accessibility: improve Dark ModeT15056
Workboard: Milestones can be easily renamed like any normal columnD25066T15143
Affects-Wikimedia: Tab Panels should be opened again as default.D25447T15651
UX: Timezone mismatch popup: create an explicit Ignore actionD25420T15349
UX: Fix pagination of the beautiful Token leaderboardD25455T15652
UX: Don't ask for any Phone number if there is no SMS relayD25452T15486
UX: Renaming a Project main slug don't cause a "Page not found" as default.D25453T15636
UX: Audit commit Feed: less verboseD25421T15528
Conpherence: Fix possible crash in Chat Room when guestD25408T15497
Cleanup: Remove the deprecated component Chatlog · D25480T15126

In short:

Database upgrade neededYes
Breaking changesYes

Database Migrations:

20230902.repository.01.rebuild-index.php(runs in background)Re-indexes all Repositories, to allow searching by partial name T15583

Useful documents:

Visual Changes

Milestones can be easily renamed

This month, 60% less clicks needed to rename a Milestone. Satisfaction or money back.

Related patch: D25066

Improve Timezone mismatch Dialog

Adjust time - Before.png (239×822 px, 27 KB)
Adjust time - After.png (275×822 px, 31 KB)

Now you are a checkbox away to ignore your Time-Travel discrepancies.

Related patch: D25420

Reduce verbosity in commit feeds

Committer Feed before D25421.png (836×1 px, 152 KB)
Committer Feed after D25421.png (836×1 px, 140 KB)

Your team, and your extra concentration, like never before.

Related patch: D25421

Referenced Files
F342764: Committer Feed after D25421.png
Dec 10 2023, 20:16
F342758: Committer Feed before D25421.png
Dec 10 2023, 20:16
F392356: Adjust time - After.png
Dec 10 2023, 20:16
F392354: Adjust time - Before.png
Dec 10 2023, 20:16
F314015: D25066.mp4
Dec 10 2023, 20:16
"Mountain of Wealth" token, awarded by doommius."Mountain of Wealth" token, awarded by 20after4.
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