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Archived Panels: are still visible from Dashboard
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I noticed that, if you Archive a single Panel, that Panel is already shown in any related Dashboard.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a Dashboard with some Panels
  • visit a single panel (/dashboard/panel/)
  • Archive a Panel

What happens:

โ†’ The Panel is still visible in any related Dashboard

What should happen instead:

โ†’ The Panel should be hidden from any related Dashboard (at least in view mode, not necessarily in edit mode)

Quality assurance:

  • Verify that an Archived Panel is already not shown in the "Active Panels" list (/dashboard/panel/)
  • Verify that an Archived Panel becomes visible again, after using Activate (un-Archive)
  • Improve a bit the Archive message from "This panel will be archived and no longer appear in lists of active panels." to something like "This panel will be archived and no longer appear in lists of active panels and from Dashboards" or something like that.

Bonus points:

  • Dashboard Edit Page: don't just hide Archived panels, just just show any Panel in their position, with a visual distinction between Active/Archived Panels
  • Dashboard Edit Page: add a Panel shortcut somewhere to visit the Panel Edit page (for example, to be able to Activate in less than 8 clicks: open tab, search Dashboard, click Panels, click All, find the correct one, open, Activate, OK


Parts responsible for rendering:


After Archived Panel.png (549ร—657 px, 34 KB)

  1. in edit mode, show Archived Panels differently, with content text in grey (as usual) and with the red Archived Tag with fa-ban icon:
  2. and in view mode, just do not render Archive Panels

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I'm mentioning this small thing in the Changelog since some people may have legacy Dashboards with a Panel that was Archived just to try. So there is less surprise on your Phorge homepage.