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Agenda Items:

  1. ReViEw SPrInT ๐Ÿคฉ
  2. Bonus points (if there is time) ๐ŸŽ

Meeting Notes:

  1. ollehar is evaluating a migration from Mantis to Phorge - invited by valerio.bozzolan shared 5 minutes of info about Mantis
    1. valerio.bozzolan asked some questions about Mantis. It seems:
      1. Task Dependencies:
        1. โ†’ Phorge has a flexible Task dependency system โ†’ example: see this nice Task:
        2. โ†’ after 15 years of use, today we discovered that also Mantis "somehow have" a parent/child field (wow!) but it does not render it visually, and it's just an extra field to a Task it seems
      2. Visibility/Edit privileges:
        1. โ†’ Phorge has a very flexible permission system. For each damn component you can have default permissions (example: visible to: public, editable by: all users), and then a per-object permission visibility (example: single Task visible to: Security Team). Note that, if something is not visible, it's also not editable. You can say: this Task is visible only to "Security Team", or only to "Legal Team" or "Visible Only to Me" or "Visible Only to Foo and Bar.
        2. โ†’ Mantissa, it seems it has a "Private" flag. It limits the visibility to a single specific list of users.
      3. Task collaboration workflows
        1. โ†’ In Phorge (having said that comments can be edited only by yourself obviously), Task descriptions can be edited in a collaborative way. In this way, the community can discuss, and co-work to produce a clear Task description, to then present it to the maintainers. But, if you want, you can set custom Editable permissions (like: only Trusted Users, only during 09:00-18:00, only during fool moon, or whatever you want)
        2. โ†’ In Mantissa, you cannot collaborate on the Task description. Only the administrator can.
      4. Commit hooks
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, if a commit message has a description like Closes T123, then, when it's published in the main branch, it automatically closes that Task; it connects to that Task, it is mentioned in that Task, and it auto-assign the commit user to that Task as closer user. This allows immediate response, and avoids to go back and search which Tasks need to be closed. Also, it simplify internal documentation, since it's really easy to see, for each Task, what was the related implementation.
      5. Administration levels
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, there is a component to make questions and answers, separated from the Task system but connected to it. So, "beginners" can ask Questions, and it's onboard, without the need of a forum. The system is a bit like StackOverflow: community is invited in adding Comments to the questions, Comments to the Answers, to collaborate on the Question itself and to the Answers, so, there are high quality questions and answers.
        2. โ†’ Mantissa does not have a forum
      6. Wiki
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, if you need a space to quickly create a document, like "Instructions for the newcomers", you can quickly create a Wiki page. That's an embedded component. You can decide who can edit that. People can add comments to report issues.
        2. โ†’ In Mantissa, there is not a wiki.
      7. Calendar
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, if you need a reminder, for example "remember me in 4 days that I need to do that", you can just create a Calendar event and it automatically sends you an email when it's soon. Also, your Events are bulk-exportable to Google Calendar with a secret iCal URL that contains all the Events. Or you can import Events as well from an external iCal.
        2. โ†’ In Mantissa, there is not a Calendar
      8. Mockup
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, designers can upload a Mockup like this: and do inline comments over an image
        2. โ†’ In Mantissa, there is not such component
      9. Answer by Email
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, you can receive email notifications, and you can answer to them via email too. You comment is automatically published on the web interface.
        2. โ†’ In Mantissa, answering by email is not probably possible
      10. Automatic Rules
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, administrators can set very powerful rules like "if something happens", "with these conditions", "do something" and it always surprising to see that it's very flexible. This is used from, automatic Tagging stuff from keywords, automatic Subscribe people if title contains something, automatic mark as Invalid if it contains weird stuff; but also: automatic do something if a commit was published. It is even able to block commits if they contain something, etc. This is something I think unique in Phorge.
        2. โ†’ In Mantissa, probably this feature does not exist.
      11. API
        1. โ†’ In Phorge, you have self-documented APIs to export and import stuff: . For example this creates a Task: . and this edit a Task: and this search Tasks:
        2. โ†’ Mantissa API?
  1. avivey welcomed valerio.bozzolan in the community, listening to the following patches:
    2. Some patches still deserves more eyes on it:
      1. D25099: PHP 8.2: fix deprecated use of "parent" in callables
      2. D25097: PHP 8.2: fixes for strlen() not accepting NULL anymore
      3. D25080: Workboard Trigger Rule: allow to Add/Remove Subscribers
      4. D25079: Trigger: Add Sound "Coin" โ† the "Not Super Mario Coin" sound was not merged today
  1. the changelog was updated 2023-03-27 to mention the closed patches, that were:
    1. D25081: Installation Guide: mention that git 2.5.0 (2015) is needed server-side
    2. D25087: Herald Rule Creation Page: fix Back button in some cases
    3. D25086: Ponder: strike code of resolved questions in query results
    4. D25100: PHP 8.2: fix deprecated creation of dynamic properties

Action items:

None, really.

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