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Should the 2021 at the top of the base changelog page be changed to 2022 as well?

Sure. It's September and my brain is still stuck in 2021....

No problem, thanks! :)

Sep 10th, 2022

Can we add Google and/or GitHub as Auth providers?

Sep 14th, 2022

I have a test dir for Phorge where I replaced ALL references to Phabricator with Phorge using the Find'nReplaceInFiles feature in my code editor. I maked sure to match the case and search for files named Phabricator to replace with Phorge.

Sep 15th, 2022
SmoothPlay joined the room.

I just did a question at:

Hope you guys can help me out! Thank you

Sep 20th, 2022

The visibility of O1: Blessed Committers is All Users, could Blessed Committers change it to public?

I will remove the Workboard and Subprojects tabs from Trusted Contributors because its a self-organizing group.

Sep 22nd, 2022

Can we split this room into general, support and requests rooms?

I don't think we have enough traffic for that yet.

besides, getting users to use the right room is a Sisyphusian battle.

Oct 1st, 2022
Oct 6th, 2022

Could we change the default edit policy for Differential revisions to only allow its author and members for Trusted Contributors?

Oct 7th, 2022

Please change the view policy for Security to public.

Oct 9th, 2022

@Cigaryno - I've updated the view policy for Security.

I'm not sure if a default-edit-policy is even a thing in Differential? that sounds like a reasonable policy.

Yes, Maniphest supports using defualt edit policies. On this install, the good default edit policies for Maniphest and Differential is to only allow its author and members of Trusted Contributors.

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hey! I can't find any info on installing this fork - the two links on the startpage give 404.

Oct 10th, 2022

ah, you're right, these pages moved. I've updated the links.
The install guide is at and the update-from-phabricator guide is at (We should add a link from the home page too).

Oct 12th, 2022

I am changing the visibility of events to public. Also set the default view policy for events to public.

@Cigaryno Please don't. They include a link that could be used for spamming. We publish the meeting minutes publicly.

sure i will not

Could you undo the changes you made please?

Thank you so much!

all changes were undone

Thank you!

Oct 14th, 2022

Can we create a Maniphest form that will allow users to report bugs and then create a unique project for bug reports?

we talked about it, and for now we want users to use Ponder to ask questions, and if it's real bug, someone will make them "trusted contributor" or file the ticket directly.

Oct 17th, 2022

Are we going to restrict the new security isssue form to members of Trusted Contributors?

Oct 21st, 2022

When are we going to add OAuth providers?

Oct 22nd, 2022

The limit of the Latest Questions panel will be set to 5 to prevent flushing the homepage when there are a lot of questions.

Is it good to draft the starmap and then publish it once it is complete?

Oct 26th, 2022
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In the past, it was possible to format hyperlinks by surrounding the label with backtick characters:

Use [[ | `arc` ]] to create a Differential revision.


(Sorry, pressed the button precipitately.)

However, this functionality stopped working at some point after summer 2018; we only discovered it recently, after upgrading our instance.

~~ or ** can be used to format hyperlinks by surrounding the entire hyperlink, but backtick characters cannot work that way for obvious reasons.

- ~~[[ | Scratched link ]]~~
- **[[ | Bold link ]]**
- `[[ | Fixed-width-font link ]]`  (not expected to work)
- [[ | `Fixed-width-font link` ]]  (used to work in the past)



  • Is this a regression, or just undefined behavior that was never expected to work?
  • Is it possible to use fixed-width fonts with hyperlinks in any other way?

I vaguely remember somebody talking about this "recently"...

I think we can get the monospace feature back just by removing the if (!$this->isFlatText($name)) part - I think there's no security risk in doing that?

Thanks for looking into it. I'm inclined to agree; the name doesn't seem to be the problem, but the potential nested links. (Why wouldn't Evan spot that the label wasn't a problem, though.)

Oct 28th, 2022

I filed a T15132 for this (and added you to Trusted Contributors)

Nov 2nd, 2022
Nov 3rd, 2022

Found spam by @johnmathew61, disable it.

Nov 4th, 2022

Done, thanks.

Nov 5th, 2022
Dec 5th, 2022

Is there any issue with outbound emails from here? I've tried to add a new email address to my account, but the email verification link isn't being delivered.

I get notifications emails...

our organization transitioned to a new email domain hosted in Microsoft 365, and i'm not getting the email notification with the confirmation link when i attempt to add the email address to my account here

i recall seeing other folks mentioning similar issues in the past here?

we had issues with this install, but I don't think we have a global issue with emails.

just to be clear: i'm referencing directly with this installation (

I see you found T15059

Dec 26th, 2022

@netflixparty is a possible spam account. If its really spam, disable it.

Dec 27th, 2022

Ideas for organizing spam reports into a thread, probably in a Maniphest thread? That Netflix account is 100% spam and ideally all references to it are deleted since spam is in the account username itself. Also is better than Netflix

Jan 7th, 2023
Jan 21st, 2023

Antother spam account: @jossbrayden235

Feb 8th, 2023
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Сan you advise me
Does Phorge provide single sign-on to Microsoft Azure B2C?

Feb 9th, 2023

I don't think there's one ready, but if it looks like OAUTH then it shouldn't be hard to build.

Feb 10th, 2023
Dzahn joined the room.

Hello, I just had this sequence of events. I wanted to contribute to fix something in the install docs.. so I tried to follow the "how to contribute" link on the front page.. but that link is 404. Then I wanted to create a bug report about that link being 404 and registered a user. But I also can't create a bug because I don't have permissions to create tasks.. so now this is a bug report about reporting bugs . cheers

Thanks @Dzahn - I fixed the link in the homepage.

I also noticed that the instructions on that page on how to report a bug are outdated - they link to Maniphest form, but we prefer Ponder for new members.

Thanks @avivey. The link works for me. What is Ponder?

I hope it's not non-free software to report bugs for a free software product that itself is a bug tracker?:)

Ponder is the Q&A app...

@Dzahn I added you to Trusted Contributors - you should be able to create tasks now

Oh, it's really an App inside Phorge, Had no idea. thanks @avivey and thanks @MacFan4000 for adding me :) good day, guys

we are evaluating phorge for use at the Wikimedia foundation

currenty setting up a test instance in wm cloud

Mar 12th, 2023
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@Dzahn is there a Phab task for that in WMF Phab?

Mar 13th, 2023

What do you think about this new text for the homepage of
T15156: Small proposal for the homepage text

Mar 14th, 2023

Hi folks, this patch is needed to fix a regression - thank you for review! <3

I have been asked today if it would be possible to run Phorge on PHP8. Have any of you done that before?

Mar 15th, 2023

Hi @Dzahn - feel free to subscribe here: T15064: Make Phorge compatible with PHP 8.1/8.2.
I honestly avoid to work on that giant Task since I don't want to stress the reviewers.Maybe if D25073: Replace dirname(__FILE__) with __DIR__ (available since PHP 5.3) will be landed.

It mostly if not fully works with PHP 8.0 but not 8.1 or 8.2

@Dzahn anyway if the question is about WMF, I think that - since WMF uses Debian stable heavily, I think they will be happy in just adopting the PHP version provided by Debian stable current bullseye that is PHP 7.4 and that is fully supported by Phorge

I discovered the tag Core Team Meetings. What about next Tuesday? (If you have no time, also just 15-20 minutes would be nice)

Mar 16th, 2023

The second Diff is just about this popup:

Phorge File upload screenshot.png (68×280 px, 6 KB)
so that the destination link is the file page, not the binary file

We used to have meetings every other week, but they kind of fizzled out.

Mar 17th, 2023

If no one ties avivey to a tree, I have some suspicion about who will review this one... ihih

D25072: Workboard: fix CTRL+click on "Create Task" and "Edit Task"

Wow, the first Slow Vote in the history of this nice Phorge. Impressive