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btw, if people can review the diffs for T15554, we'll be able to do things other the php8 support...

I found one "exceptional" case where it does not work 😄
When you have created the diviner pages and you go to DivinerPhorge Technical Documentation, you bomb out mysql.
There is still an issue in this page and this page is of course "exceptionally" large.
For the rest, it works perfectly!
I'll create a task for the Diviner issue

it was not mysql itself that went down but the communication between Phorge and mysql because it was logging the same error over and over in the httpd error_log.
I haven't analyzed the error in detail, but I think it's because the page contains a lot of chapter titles.
The stack trace is mentioning "getTitle" somewhere.

Aug 21st, 2023
Juest joined the room.
Aug 22nd, 2023

Interestingly it seems upstream secure dot is out of space -

hi, what's the persistent chat checkbox about?

Aug 23rd, 2023

@Juest the "Persist Chat" will show the chat in the bottom-right of the screen.

Juest: I guess you are chatting from mobile. Note that in the next version that unuseful checkbox will be hidden in mobile :) You're welcome! <3 D25120

i am on desktop not mobile :)

i see, got it

Aug 24th, 2023

Looks like no big fires, so we can promote the RC to an Official Release tomorow-ish

thanks avivey for approving me :) i saw you hopped onto irc and checked me out

im on miraheze and wmf indeed

looking to contribute if i can ^^

Aug 25th, 2023

Done promoting to stable, but I now realized our mirroring to github is broken :/

you welcome Juest, there's a bunch of stuff that needs attention - look for Discussion Needed and Good Starter Task ...

im just a random person volunteering, i dont have any special privileges on either projects

for the record :)

i am not able to write code unfortunately but i can sort of help in terms of ideas and such

can't really comment for now unfortunately, i could voice my agree on some topics

um how do i open a bug report?

i can click a invisible cogwheel that opens settings when the chat popup is minimized and the context menu doesn't disappear when minimized

I've added to to Trusted Contributors, you can now file bug reports from the bookmark menu.


is it fine to file it under bug reports and phorge projects?
the reported bugs are happening on this main phorge instance

bug reports yes, phorge no - that project's for the Organization.

Oops, let me correct that

so i accidentally added people that shouldnt be there to the bug?

See T15626 as well

probably not

You can click View Herald Transcript to see details if you're interested.

Got it! thanks

seems like it's the default subscribers

well each people's auto subscriptions

Aug 27th, 2023

is there a chance of supporting phorge on windows or not? what prevents it from running on windows?

Unlikely in terms of "this is a path we recommend anyone take", but it's probably technically possible to run on Windows today if anyone felt like fiddling with the setup. I'm not thinking of anything offhand that absolutely wouldn't work, just a painful choose your own adventure

In practice it's just not something that there's any demand for (at least afaik)

i understand, thanks

it's just php right?

PHP, MySQL, Node for the Aphlict notification server, something to run the daemons, a webserver, git/mercurial/subversion, a modified SSH agent

Aug 28th, 2023

so almost there, windows is able to do everything except it can't do the modified ssh agent unless it's compiled

daemons should just be able to run as regular programs

(Note that also other "similar" applications like Zabbix do not support Windows as server)
Probably we can propose a production-ready docker for small realities (everything on 1 node), similar to our dev-ready environment.

A Docker on Windows will work since Docker on Windows indeed has a Linux compatibility layer so everybody can execute stuff without most silly things from Windows. But of course it's slower than native Linux.

All of the Phorge scripts are written in bash, including sshd support. Better to run in a vm instead of directly on windows host.

The code does assume e.g. “sudo” to exist and do “the right thing”

I would not recommend running a production server from docker on windows. Instead use a Linux vm through a windows server hypervisor. Or just use Linux native host

Aug 29th, 2023

uhh, a bit of update to the documentation, mac os x is not a flavor of linux

solaris is linux based or not?

and it should be GNU/Linux

i am not sure how to do that

do i fetch the source, modify and create a patch via arcanist or git?

Yup! git clone, git commit, arc diff, arc land is the basic workflow

thank you

oh, apparently because im on windows 7 i cannot fetch over https because of a tls/ssl error, my system is configured for TLS 1.2

also the documentation sort of ignores the other BSDs

Solaris is Unix

Feel free to submit a patch if you have suggested wording

yeah i am working on that

uhh what do i put in test plan?

looked at words, words looked good

That's a valid test plan for this change

should i do arc land now?

its trying

i hope the *nix part doesn't cause confusion

Aug 30th, 2023

Thanks again. If "*nix" will cause confusion to somebody, that person can propose "Unix-like", why not

Ah, some days ago Wikimedia Foundation migrated to Phorge \o/

nice, they completed the migration?

question, to add changes to a differential you commit and attach the diff to the existing revision?

Yup, just commit and arc diff again, it should be smart enough to attach the update to your open revision

i like more that you do it similar to prs but push directly when approved


Aug 31st, 2023

I've landed the first part of T15554 to master; Deprecations will now show up as logs (and dark console), and will not blow up the page.

Sep 1st, 2023

where's the font change at? im trying to check out the source of the backlash from that change

if i am using arc on a different instance, how do i switch to it?

if i am trying to use arc *

Sep 2nd, 2023

The fonts stuff is T15630 and D25021, T15049.

for arc, we would normally have an .arcconfig file in the root of every project, with phabricator.uri key specifying the right phorge instance:

Alternatively, you can have a shell alias to arc --conduit-uri <whatever> for each instance...

that sets the conduit uri?

Sep 3rd, 2023

for the single execution, yes

Sep 4th, 2023

Maybe we can add a dummy crontab line like 0 8 * * * cd /var/www/phorge/home && /usr/bin/git pull

Sep 6th, 2023

for what?

Sep 9th, 2023

Any idea about... how to help @waldyrious in verifying the related email address?

To help the user, join Z5