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Allow to quick-edit a Milestone name from Workboard Edit menu
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Authored by valerio.bozzolan on Feb 11 2023, 18:19.
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"Doubloon" token, awarded by valerio.bozzolan.



Closes T15143

Test Plan

Visit a Workboard, click the Edit button on a
Milestone, and:

  • try to save another name: it must work
  • try to save an empty name: nice error message shown
  • try to save both the score points and the name: it must work

Visit a Workboard, click the Edit button on a
Column, and:

  • try to do everything as normal also there, it must work

Diff Detail

rP Phorge
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Buildable 178
Build 178: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

avoid same variable storing different things

Some explanations:

  • In short I tried to just add another text input, just to be more nice and don't use the same input field for two different purposes
  • I added the great_success flag just to be sure that, if the earlier Column-related stuff fails, it does not try to do other things with the Milestone

I'm not 100% sure that the $column->getProxy(), when set, always return a Milestone. If you can confirm this I'm more inclined to sleep tonight, without any possible "oh my god maybe.." resentment of the kind.

Here a stupid spoiler of this. Milestone before:

Phorge editing Milestone.png (206×830 px, 15 KB)

Milestone after:

Milestone editable from Workboard, test case.png (298×828 px, 22 KB)

But don't trust me. I'm a spy sent here to destroy Phorge. Try my test plan locally.

(Don't tell anyone that I tried to corrupt the blessed committers with a doubloon to try this lovely patch)

If you think this patch is too complicated to review, I can do a middleware patch to just propose a small refactor without introducing any feature, and than turn back on this one.

try to make a review even more simple