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Diffusion commit Feed: avoid to show the author twice (Authored by xxx)
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Sometime, the Diffusion commit Feed can show the same author twice and it's too much verbose.


We could be able to avoid this kind of verbosity:

UsernameFoo committed <commit hash>: <commit msg> (authored by UsernameFoo).

If the link to the same author would be shown twice, this could be enough instead:

UsernameFoo committed <commit hash>: <commit msg>

The responsible file is probably this one:;5e48e16f77fd918607cb943f1b1f78293bb00cee$208-212

Committer Feed before D25421.png (836ร—1 px, 152 KB)
Committer Feed after D25421.png (836ร—1 px, 140 KB)