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Allow to quick-edit a Milestone name from Workboard menu
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NOTE: This Task is not about "Allowing users to rename a Milestone" - since this is already possible, just like any other Project can be renamed. This Task is only about having this action more accessible from a Workboard.

If you love Milestones, you probably have noticed that, if you click on the Edit Edit menu on a Milestone, from its Workboard, like in this screenshot:

Phorge WorkBoard context menu screenshot.png (328×319 px, 17 KB)

This is the edit page of a Milestone (see that there is not the Name text field):

Phorge editing Milestone.png (206×830 px, 15 KB)

And this is the edit page of a normal Column instead:

Phorge Workboard Column Edit.png (247×833 px, 13 KB)

So, to edit the name of a Milestone, at the moment, users must know the internal difference between normal Columns and Milestones, to then understand that a Milestone is handled as a Project, and so, its name must be changed from the Project edit form.

Anyway, changing a Milestone column takes a lot of steps:

  • click on the Milestone name
  • click on Manage
  • click on Edit Details
  • change the name
  • Save

TL;DR this Task is just about trying to have more visual uniformity in a Workboard, and so, an user should be able to rename a Milestone, just as quickly as any other normal Column (if the user has permissions to do soq).

Proposed change

When the user is on a Workboard, trying to edit a Milestone; instead of showing just the Points, we could show also a "Milestone Name" field, like in this proposed solution:

Milestone editable from Workboard, test case.png (298×828 px, 22 KB)

(As proof of concept I'm also showing that the Milestone name validation must be functional ↑)

Please compare the new Milestone edit form above, with the already-existing Column edit form below:

Phorge Workboard Column Edit.png (247×833 px, 13 KB)

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