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Allow to quick-edit a Milestone name from Workboard menu
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NOTE: This Task is not about "Allowing users to rename a Milestone" - since this is already possible, just like any other Project can be renamed. This Task is only about having this action more accessible from a Workboard.

If you love Milestones, you probably have noticed that, if you click on the Edit Edit menu on a Milestone, from its Workboard, like in this screenshot:

Phorge WorkBoard context menu screenshot.png (328ร—319 px, 17 KB)

This is the edit page of a Milestone (see that there is not the Name text field):

Phorge editing Milestone.png (206ร—830 px, 15 KB)

And this is the edit page of a normal Column instead:

Phorge Workboard Column Edit.png (247ร—833 px, 13 KB)

So, to edit the name of a Milestone, at the moment, users must know the internal difference between normal Columns and Milestones, to then understand that a Milestone is handled as a Project, and so, its name must be changed from the Project edit form.

Anyway, changing a Milestone column takes a lot of steps:

  • click on the Milestone name
  • click on Manage
  • click on Edit Details
  • change the name
  • Save

TL;DR this Task is just about trying to have more visual uniformity in a Workboard, and so, an user should be able to rename a Milestone, just as quickly as any other normal Column (if the user has permissions to do soq).

Proposed change

When the user is on a Workboard, trying to edit a Milestone; instead of showing just the Points, we could show also a "Milestone Name" field, like in this proposed solution:

Milestone editable from Workboard, test case.png (298ร—828 px, 22 KB)

(As proof of concept I'm also showing that the Milestone name validation must be functional โ†‘)

Please compare the new Milestone edit form above, with the already-existing Column edit form below:

Phorge Workboard Column Edit.png (247ร—833 px, 13 KB)

In short

This is in short the proposed change for a Milestone:

Phorge editing Milestone.png (206ร—830 px, 15 KB)
Milestone editable from Workboard, test case.png (298ร—828 px, 22 KB)
NOTE: Again, the above red warning is just to be nice, to show you that the validation system must work.

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Tagging also as Affects Wikimedia since during Wikimedia Hackaton I've talked with a couple of very friendly staff members from WMF-CiviCRM that would really love this thing.

This also somehow avoids to reorder milestones.

This is just a frontend change, after all. Adding UX