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Add and use new RemarkupMetadata class
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Authored by Dylsss on Sep 18 2022, 16:59.
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Add a new RemarkupMetadata class and use with upload button as well as drag and drop pathways.

Test Plan

Drag and drop file, upload file with button. Check that both files are attached with "attachedFilePHIDs" values.

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Warningwebroot/rsrc/js/core/RemarkupMetadata.js:1JAVELIN5`javelinsymbols` Not In Path
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Dylsss requested review of this revision.Sep 18 2022, 16:59

Differentiate between metadata of different text areas using node ID. e.g., new comment text areas and text areas in the edit comment dialog.

Bear with me here, because Javeline (like all js frameworks) is confusing to me.

I'd expect some PHP code to actually attach the files from attachedFilePHIDs to the relevant object, but I don't see it in this diff. Is that already happening somehow?


is metadata gets automatically inserted into something? I don't see it being manually saved.

In D25052#1750, @avivey wrote:

I'd expect some PHP code to actually attach the files from attachedFilePHIDs to the relevant object, but I don't see it in this diff. Is that already happening somehow?

It's done here:;5aa159a83013fca3a72f5c6d2c493c117fbbf83b$2296


It gets written to the HTML element in the setMetadata method.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 28 2022, 10:19
Matthew requested changes to this revision.Dec 8 2022, 22:37

Please rebase and resubmit, there is a merge conflict.

matthew@Tower phorge % arc patch D25052
Created and checked out branch arcpatch-D25052.
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Checking patch webroot/rsrc/js/core/RemarkupMetadata.js...
Checking patch src/view/form/control/PhabricatorRemarkupControl.php...
Checking patch resources/celerity/map.php...
Applied patch webroot/rsrc/js/core/behavior-phabricator-remarkup-assist.js cleanly.
Applied patch webroot/rsrc/js/core/behavior-drag-and-drop-textarea.js cleanly.
Applied patch webroot/rsrc/js/core/RemarkupMetadata.js cleanly.
Applied patch src/view/form/control/PhabricatorRemarkupControl.php cleanly.
Applied patch resources/celerity/map.php cleanly.
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Rebased on master, ran bin/celerity map to resolve merge conflict.

For some historical context, this current patch comes from another one from the Phabricator of Wikimedia Foundation:


Thanks. In short, this is the proposed change. Taking this:

if (JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue == null) {
  JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue = [];
  JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue[metadataID] = metadataValue;
} else if (!JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue.hasOwnProperty(metadataID)) {
  JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue[metadataID] = metadataValue;

And simplifying it to this:

if (JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue == null) {
  JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue = {};
if (!JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue.hasOwnProperty(metadataID)) {
  JX.RemarkupMetadata._metadataValue[metadataID] = metadataValue;


  1. I suggest to have myVar = {} instead of myVar = [] (so, explicitly declaring an object, instead of an array-object) since using a JavaScript array-object for an "associative map" is a little understood hack, and the risk here is that a person with experience in PHP misunderstand what is going on in JavaScript, and he/she can goes crazy when he/she finds out that things like .length are completely broken on the array, since we are not really working with an array, we are really not adding elements to an array, etc. Here we need an "associative array", and since in JavaScript an array is really an object, and since the syntax myVar['foo']=value just does on an object, and since hasOwnProperty() is just inherited from the generical object class, I suggest to just declare it as any normal object. I'm sincerely sorry if JavaScript is so weird. If you have a doubt, think about JSON: an "associative array" is just an object {}, while arrays are only used to represent a stack of consecutive elements.
  2. I also suggest to avoid the base case optimization, essentially because it does not justify the loss of readability. It also avoids the introduction of future typos since we don't repeat the same instruction twice.