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New behaviour when we add picture in Phriction page
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Asked by mludwicz on Feb 14 2023, 14:01.
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Previously, when we add an pictureon Phriction page (with a simple copy file), every one can see the picture.
Now, after migration to Phorge, we have to allow the access, picture by picture.
Perhaps, it's normal (I mean, it is a new desired behaviour), but I would like to know if a configuration is possible to avoid that (and so every one can see all picture (except those with specifs configuration).

I show you an example :

I connect with my account, and I add a picture (print screen) :

image.png (677×1 px, 50 KB)

I can see it. I notice also a new functionnality in the right panel "File not Attached"

image.png (749×1 px, 123 KB)

With another profil, we see that on the page :

image.png (576×1 px, 39 KB)

Two way to solve it : Click on "File not attached" to attach it, or modify picture policy to allow all user to see it.

Thanks for your help


Updated 494 Days Ago

Thank you for this question. As already mentioned by others, probably this is related to this:

T15106: "Upload file" in remarkup text fields should attach by default

And we hope it will be fixed by:

D25052: Add and use new RemarkupMetadata class

Feel free to share more details to receive more help

Updated 453 Days Ago

Thank you Valerio for your answer.
I will wait for the fix

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