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File uploads - default permissions
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Asked by MCPCN on Apr 20 2023, 12:28.


Hi - appreciate any assistance here; we've just upgraded to the latest version of Phabricator in advance of migrating to Phorge.

This has resulted in our Files permissions behaving strangely - every time we attach a file to a Manifest story (drag&drop or using the upload button), the permissions on the file are set to only allow the user to view it.

The default permission in the Files application is All Users - so I am not certain where this "me only" permission is coming from.

Has anyone come across this before / can anyone offer a solution or point me towards what needs to be updated?

Thanks in advance.


Updated 455 Days Ago

Thank you for this useful question

This is a problem described in this Phorge Task:

T15106: "Upload file" in remarkup text fields should attach by default

An user also proposed a patch:

D25052: Add and use new RemarkupMetadata class

If you have some time it would be useful to test that patch in your environment and continue the discussion there :)

Note that Phorge is somehow relatively really active recently, as we merged 25 patch just in last few days I think; but that specific patch has some problems. Any contribution is welcome there.

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