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Create Phorge, a fork of Phabricator
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This is a parent task to encompass all the work which needs done to create a proper fork and organization for Phorge.

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speck triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Jun 24 2021, 02:23

Hey, is anything still going on with this? Having just discovered Phabricator I'd hate to see it die :/

^ Likewise! It'd be helpful to get an update on any progress (e.g. getting this into GitHub) and on any things that need doing/things we can get involved with to help. Thanks!

Hey, folks -- appreciate the interest! Most of what needs doing still is outlined in T15006: Re-brand Phorge (and to a lesser extent in T15012: Update Diviner documentation to reference Phorge). There's not a ton there that's hugely difficult, there's just a lot and it's mostly tedious. Any help on anything in that list would be immensely appreciated. I have a bit more bandwidth now than I did towards the end of last year, so I can probably start making some headway on the rebrand as well now.

IIRC we were holding off on publishing to GH until we had more or less gotten through the rebrand, created a migration guide (T15026) for existing Phabricator installs, and established some vaguely-defined release process (T15014). But it's been a hot minue, so I might also be forgetting some other errata there.

I've started the a draft for the Going Public announcement - {Blog Post: Going Public} - please chime in with comments...

avivey claimed this task.

We've made it to y-combinator, so I think that counts.