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Create a migration guide to move from Phabricator to Phorge
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Matthew triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Jul 6 2021, 01:11
Matthew created this task.

For projects that were tracking upstream previously and able to merge, would this not be a matter of a Git config update to add or swap remotes then merge?

Or what are some initial thoughts on this process?

Added related task T15006 since it could likely serve as a reference for this one... Please undo or stop me if I'm overstepping boundaries

Thanks for creating this. I think there have been some notes in comments that mention having to make several updates

Also there might need to be some coordination with T15014: Develop a Phorge Release Process, for the first go at least

Hi all,

My company are currently Phabricator users and have been watching the Phorge developments with interest in the last few months. It's been great to see the project taking shape!

We were wondering if anyone can answer: are any migrations from Phabricator to Phorge dependent on Is the eventual idea that Phorge will be put on GitHub, and is the branding ticket a blocker for that?

Thanks :)

Great, thanks for the info.

Hey, all;

We are now at a decision point where we either install Phorge from Scratch or migrate Phabricator to Phorge.

Our situation is: We have already started using Phabricator for internal purposes and we have customized the forms and added quiet a number of custom fields. Also we have already a few dozens of Tasks and tracked commits, we would like to keep those infos when migrating to Phorge.

If necessary we can setup Phorge and redo the customizations manually. However, we would prefer to do a migration, but only if there is a reasonably working migration path. I am willing to put effort into the documentation (after doing the migration) if that is necessary, feasible and makes sense in any way.

Hello, @Higgs

As of right now, we have made no changes to the database and other "internals" - our work has been focused on rebranding as "Phabricator" is a trademarked name. For this reason, a rough migration path would be to check out the master branch of rP, copy the config directory from Phabricator to Phorge, and then point Phorge to your Phabricator database. I have tested it myself locally and it appears to work, however; if you have any issues feel free to ask a question on Ponder here and we can get back to you!

(And yes, we are aware that viewing rP Phorge does not work... see T15090)