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Event: {E14}

Last meeting notes: 2022-09-06


Agenda Items and Notes:

  1. Release stable branch
    • stable has some funny merge/cherry-pick methodology. Phorge's stable is not a fast-forward update from Phacility's stable, so updating may cause conflicts/drifts in users' installs.
    • For now, we've updated the Update Guide to use git reset --hard to the new stable, so future upgrades would be fast-forward. This would destroy any local changes that might have happened, but the update guide explicitly mentions it only covers un-modified installs.
    • @Matthew will merge master into stable when making a Release, nominally every other Monday.
  2. Landing Contributed Revisions
    • Only members of Trusted Contributors can actually land revisions, which technically contradicts the norm of "the author lands" that we usually prefer.
    • It's desired to have a "Land" button in the revision page that would allow the author to land, and would simplify landing for others. Implementing this would require some setup to Harbormaster instance, which we don't want to perform right now.
    • For now, Trusted Contributors will need to manually land (using arc patch and git push) accepted revisions, probably after talking to contributors.
    • Harbormaster is also required to run server-side lint/tests on revisions, so it's very desired, but not high-pri for now.
  3. Reviewing Back-log revisions
    • We have amassed some revisions in the last ~year that need attention.
    • We just need to start handling the backlog
    • There's probably no need for a formalized process, beyond going over the Differential Dashboard and selecting stuff to review.
    • Reject/request changes where appropriate - this will move them out of the dashboard.
  4. Backlog Tasks
  5. Legal Stuff (T15022 and T15009):
    • Most of this isn't really urgent, but the Contributor Agreement is: Contributors must agree to have the work under our license, and they must be allowed to do it (i.e. own the code/have permission from owner).
    • Foundation is mostly needed if/when we want to accept monetary donations, which we currently don't plan to. It can wait.
  6. Server and Infrastructure
    • We're not sure who owns the domain ( and the server we run on.
    • We have root access to the server, but if it goes offline we won't know how to turn it back on again.
  7. Logo/Artwork
    • We have some artwork in place, but it's temporary.
    • We'd like to ask community members to come up with new one

Action items:

  1. Trusted Contributors: Review backlog revisions
    • Review revisions from backlog
    • Comment, request changes where appropriate
    • Reject changes that are obviously bad or outdated
    • Accept and possibly land good changes.
  2. @avivey: Review T15006/T15077 for current status.
  3. @dcog: Upgrade instance using Update Guide, verify and update instructions as needed.
  4. @avivey, @speck: Search histories for names/contacts of the relevant owners, and update the docs in S3 with the details.
    • Anyone else that knows anything - please ping us!
  5. Community Members: suggest new logo and other artworks
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