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Get Better Logo / Brand Assets
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We want a better graphics stuff.

A logo will probably be needed at some point down the line (see this zulip thread). I'm not great at logo design but I could give it a go.
Another option might just be asking someone else nicely to do it for us, I know of a few people who do logos for FOSS projects, so I'll see if I can get in contact with them.

Probably a page that could be useful to collect some stuff:

Graphical Kit

Event Timeline

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Just emailed/DM'd some people, I'll see who replies.

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I know some projects have had success with having the logo be an open contest. Perhaps we could use something super generic clipart placeholder to start, and then try that?

Everyone I've emailed is busy right now, anyone else know some good designers?
@cburroughs: an open contest sounds like it could work.

also, if we want to start with something super generic, we could probably get away with just a 'p' wordmark or an icon from fontawesome.

BTW, it's intentional that the place of the logo is currently a blank space, right?

image.png (96×133 px, 1 KB)

@avivey the current installation includes a commit I had made on the github fork which made minimal changes to rebranding. Ultimately I think we'll want to scrap that commit but it should have replaced the eye icon with a lovely heart.

For the time being I've modified the wordmark configuration to manually upload the logo file

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Just got a response from James Daniel (here's some of his work), he'd like to get in touch with leadership directly, if anyone's interested they can email him or send him a DM on twitter.

Thank you @cark, I reached out to James Daniel.

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Phactory [will] also want an in-brand logo.

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I think we are done with the logo as we have a graphical kit.