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upgrade phabricator to phorge
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Asked by javier on Apr 19 2022, 10:40.



Is it posible upgrade from phabricator to phorge?

Is a manual process or will we follow the normal process?



Updated 724 Days Ago

It will be possible to migrate from Phabricator to Phorge. We have an open task to create the documentation: T15026: Create a migration guide to move from Phabricator to Phorge

Updated 724 Days Ago

Thanks!! I'll follow this task.

Updated 719 Days Ago

FWIW at this time phorge has not diverged very significantly from Phabricator. The only situation that I could see causing significant problems for a migration is if we make changes to database schema. I think we should be especially careful to avoid such changes if at all possible to keep the migration path fairly straightforward.

If you follow phabricator upstream by tracking the upstream git repo then you could simply add a new remote pointing to and then check out the phorge/stable branch, however, currently there isn't a lot of benefit to be had from such a switch so I'm not sure if I would recommend it at this time.

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