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Workboard Trigger Rule: allow to Add/Remove Subscribers
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Authored by valerio.bozzolan on Mar 22 2023, 14:17.
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This is a natural expansion of the Workboard Trigger system
to support actions about Subscribers.

Context: even before this change - Workboard users
were already able to move Tasks to Columns with
nice automatisms. For instance, you can already:

  • Play a nice Sound
  • Change Task Priority
  • Change Task Status
  • Add or Remove a Task Owner
  • Add or Remove a Task Project Tag

With this change, you can also:

  • Add or Remove Task Subscribers

If you need inspiration, this feature is useful for adding
more eyes on a given work area; lighten the notifications
of certain people after certain workflows have already been
done, to increase happiness and mitigate Burnout.

If your goal is to oppress yourself or your coworkers - of
course you can also use this feature to increase the Burnout
of yourself or your coworkers, adding random people as

Note: every trigger action can be confusing in general, but
it is the fault of Triggers in general and not related to
this specific feature - that is totally loveable,
just like you.

Closes T15162

Test Plan
  • Workboard > Column > Create Trigger
  • Add Action > Add Subscriber > (your best friend who hates NodeJS)
  • Add Action > Remove Subscriber > (your antagonist who hates PHP)
  • Move some Tasks there and here, and note that Add/Remove works

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Build 147: arc lint + arc unit

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I will be 100% honest with you: for unknown reasons this works, even if I totally have no idea how. I just copy-pasted stuff and put everything in a standard kitchen blender.