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Fix homepage in mobile
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The home of Phabricator/Phorge is just broken on mobile.

As far as I can remember, it just shows the menu:

Phorge home mobile.png (537ร—384 px, 29 KB)

But it's really duplicated:

Phorge home mobile open menu.png (537ร—384 px, 47 KB)

So, you never see the contents. You just see the menu.

What should happen instead

On mobile, the menu should be hidden, not the contents. So, you see the contents:

Phorge mobile After.png (537ร—384 px, 39 KB)

And, if you want, you can see the menu of course, as usual:

Phorge home After with menu.png (537ร—384 px, 50 KB)

I set this as high priority, since this is a really boring issue, even if it's a long-term issue.

Historical notes

Part of the regression was probably introduced here:

Problematic CSS:

.phabricator-home.device-phone .phabricator-nav-content {
  display: none;

A/B Difference

Before D25107After D25107
Gitpull Before D25107.png (537ร—324 px, 30 KB)
Gitpull After D25107.png (537ร—324 px, 37 KB)

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Yep but technically this is not resolved in the master branch. I see that Tasks are marked as resolved when their modification is landed in the master branch.

Also it's really nice when the change is landed in the master branch, and then Diffusion automatically closes the related Task (this one). I don't know if you are aware of this automation but it's really nice. Maybe we can keep open, just to see it in action again, when the change will be landed in master.