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Administrators list do not have a permalink
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I have noticed that in several places in Phorge's documentation (not only Diviner's, but also that within the site itself) it would be convenient to link to the current Administrators list.

For example, when looking to a Policy that says "Visible to #TrustedAdminsSuperPizza", than the word #TrustedAdminsSuperPizza is an hyperlink that helps you in finding the members of that weird setta satanica. But, if you have a Policy like "Visible only to Administrators", the word "Administrator" doesn't have a link that can help find one of these rare creatures.

Having a permalink could have sense, since it does not exist any universal link to point to them, as the query just change from platform to platform.

So, we can propose to implement a similar simple permalink to list Administrators:

So that it can be used in any near future to say "list Administrators" or "contact an Administrator" or something like that, whenever it could be useful to do so from the user interface of Phorge, or from other places, like your separated documentation, a chat, etc.

Note that any builtin query can be disabled anytime or reordered, so this is not a problem if you already have a similar additional saved query.

NOTE: This is not a crazy attempt to create any additional follow-up request to create whatever additional permalink. This is just a specific feature request on a specific permalink useful for documenting Administrators, and really nothing else. I say this, to assure that this will not scale in a completely uncontrolled permalink reservation, causing the implosion of the universe.

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