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Discussion: Maniphest vs Ponder for user support
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This is a discussion ticket.

As Phorge becomes more widely installed, we will have to deal with questions from users - either administrative or potential bug reports. Phacility deployed a tool called Discourse to handle these questions, then locked down their install to prevent new user registrations. This was a bit of a heavy-handed approach, but understandable considering that Phacility was a very small team.

We have a much larger team here, and I think we can keep our user support on the main install. Right now, we have Phorge set up so that anyone with a user account can create a Maniphest task. However, that means that most of our user support will be happening in Maniphest, alongside bug reports and feature requests. This could lead to pollution of our Maniphest which may or may not be OK.

I propose an alternative: What if we set Ponder up as our first-line user support tool? To do this, we add a link "ask a question" in the main sidebar (and on the main dashboard) which leads to Ponder's create form. We can then lock the maniphest create form to Trusted Contributors , allowing anyone in that group to bypass the ponder interface and instead create actual bugs or feature requests. Since the trusted contributors group is self-managing, it should not place much of a burden on our users to get help or file bugs if they're trusted.

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Matthew triaged this task as Low priority.Mar 29 2022, 16:25
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Matthew mentioned this in April 5, 2022.

As discussed in {E2}, we will be implementing this to control spam for now. If this doesn't work, we will revisit this discussion.

I'm setting the "Moderate" policy on Ponder to Trusted Contributors and I'll add a link to Ponder from the default home page.

@20after4 Hey, this does not appear to be working. T15101 was created by a user who was not a member of Trusted Contributors

The form ( ) needed a security policy. I think that should fix the problem?

I'll remove myself from trusted contributors just to test.

In brief, Maniphest is for bug reports or feature requests and Ponder is for asking questions about Phorge.