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Event: {E9}

Last meeting notes: 2022-06-14


Agenda Items and Notes:

  • Merge from Upstream (T15094): Having been unsuccessful using Differential (see D25040), we've decided to just do a manual merge from current upstream master and push without a review. AI: @avivey.
  • Rebranding: Probably 90% of the rebranding work was done in upstream for us. @avivey to check for loose ends.
  • Welcome page (T15008): We've created rHP to host a static HTML page to host at @dcog to create initial content, @Matthew will setup the server to serve it (Currently it just redirects to We can improve this later using a themed blog or any other method mentioned in T15008. We've also updated the wording of current Welcome blurb and fixed the SSL cert for (T15104).
  • Real-time chat and support for drive-by questions:

There was no recent traffic in IRC, Zulip and Conpherence, which we relate to general slow-down in community. It's agreed that in order to reduce on-boarding friction for potential new members, we'll continue to monitor these 3 channels (See also T15035; Zulip and IRC are bridged).
Internally, we prefer Conpherence for real-time chat.

  • Tasks used for support (T15084) - we had at least one case of a user asking a question in a task, and then assigning that task as "unbreak now" priority, which could be disrupting. @Matthew reports that was (is?) a common issue with the Wikimedia install. @dtf will check for software ways to limit access to specific fields.

As a policy, we prefer support questions to be asked in Ponder rather then as tasks - the new welcome page would direct users there for support.

  • Times for planning meeting: Current time of 3pm Eastern on a workday is not ideal for some members, but we failed to find a better time slot. We'll circle back to this at some later date.

Action items:

  • @avivey - merge from upstream; Review and update T15077 after merge.
  • @dcog create static welcome page (D25041, rHP).
  • @Matthew to install welcome page to
  • @dtf look for ways to lock some maniphest fields to specific users.
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