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Event: {E13}

Last meeting notes: 2022-08-23


Agenda Items and Notes:

  1. Action item check-in
  2. T15014 Release Process:
  3. @Matthew volunteered to maintain the releases. stable/master cuts, with change notes in Phriction and in the Release blog
  4. Communications: J1, guides
  5. T15046: Add GitHub mirrors for repos - we've created a new GitHub org phorgeit, and will use that for mirroring.
  6. T15008: Build Welcome Site - we have the site, @avivey will install
  7. Q15 - we see no risk in enabling uploadpack.allowReachableSHA1InWant in the server, so we'll enable it.
  8. T15112: Restrict Maniphest form fields to certain users: We think we can manage to limit fields by removing them completely from low-access forms, but we settled on preventing non-trusted users from opening tasks at all, and funnel them towards Ponder. See also T15084.

Action items:

  1. Go Public
  2. Mirror go GitHub
    • @Matthew set up mirroring to github org [done]
  3. Communications
  4. @avivey: add notes in J1 about how users can keep informed about changes [done]
  5. @avivey: Update "update from phabricator" page to use github mirrors where applicable.
  6. Server changes
    • @avivey: Install Homepage in
    • @avivey: set uploadpack.allowReachableSHA1InWant in the right configuration file.
  7. Maniphest/Ponder
  8. Limit task creation to Trusted Contributors team
  9. Show a notice to others that they should use Ponder (or Search).
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