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Fix middle-click, CTRL+click, right-click etc. on Typehead search results

Authored by valerio.bozzolan on Feb 26 2023, 21:51.
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Fix middle-click, CTRL+click, right-click etc. on Typehead search results.

Closes T15149

Test Plan

Try the following actions on various typeheads:

  • right-click
  • middle-click
  • CTRL+click
  • normal click

Demonstration video (2M) showing After patch (on localhost) and Before patch (here on, where I middle-click and normal-click on menu entries:


  • the middle click now works (opening in new tab)
  • the CTRL+click (or "command" key + click) now works (opening in new tab)
  • the right click now opens the context menu (previously broken)
  • the normal click should just click (as usual)

Try on:

  • search results while typing in main search bar
  • search results when editing a Task Tags / assigned to, etc.
  • try to click on other weird places
  • $$$

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