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Introducing Phixator 2
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Hi everyone,
I made a new extension for Phabricator / Phorge, it's called Phixator 2.
(it is based on the deprecated Phixator extension that I mostly rewrote from scratch)

This extension is designed to log your work hours on Maniphest tasks (but in a much more useful way than the unusable Phrequent...).

Tested with spaces, integrable to dashboards.

Some screenshots:

phixator-list.png (345×471 px, 41 KB)
phixator-menu.png (246×326 px, 27 KB)

The code :

Let me know what you think.

If you decide to integrate it to Phorge I can maintain it.


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This looks pretty great! - I think T15030 is the general covering task for Extensions

I'd definitely love to see this later. I MIGHT be able to get to this later.