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Introducing Phixator 2
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Nov 22 2021, 15:15
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F56815: phixator-list.png
Nov 22 2021, 15:15
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Nov 22 2021, 15:15
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Hi everyone,
I made a new extension for Phabricator / Phorge, it's called Phixator 2.
(it is based on the deprecated Phixator extension that I mostly rewrote from scratch)

This extension is designed to log your work hours on Maniphest tasks (but in a much more useful way than the unusable Phrequent...).

Tested with spaces, integrable to dashboards.

Some screenshots:

phixator-list.png (345×471 px, 41 KB)
phixator-menu.png (246×326 px, 27 KB)

The code :

Let me know what you think.

If you decide to integrate it to Phorge I can maintain it.


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This looks pretty great! - I think T15030 is the general covering task for Extensions

I'd definitely love to see this later. I MIGHT be able to get to this later.

Time tracking is an interesting topic. At my company we addressed this by having a Herald WebHook hit our internal server whenever activity we're interested in tracking happens. Our internal server tracks these activities from multiple sources (not just Phab/Phorge) and users can go in to see all their activity linked up and input the approximate time spent on those activities.

I think a solution along those lines would interesting in Phorge -- so a separate application which is only responsible for tracking activities, related/linked content, time spent, timestamp, etc. then having other applications internal to Phorge or external be able to create new activities tracked. Having a solid Conduit API around a time-tracking application would make it easy to integrate with other existing systems or allow other systems to add time activities.

Looks great. I implemented a rough and simple logging feature over Phrequent, your extension looks more precise. I would think its better to merge/replace Phrequent rather than adding more implementations, though


Isn't it possible to open a branch for that? who decide what feature can be integrated in Phorge? Just a remark, Phrequent *is* the application for time tracking, even quite empty by now

The concept we're aiming for is "Extension Store" - Core to be minimal,. and everything else to be an optional install, with an "app store" somewhere here, and making installing extensions easy.

So hardly anything new will make it into "core", but some extensions will be more heavily promoted.

T15030 for full details.