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Phactory: Hosting Projects Here
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We offer hosting of Community Projects here at, for projects that are directly related to the Phorge project.

The hosted projects remain under each project's management, copyright, etc..

To be eligible for hosting, your project must be:

1. Directly and meaningfully related to Phorge

Our goal isn't to compete with GitHub, but to allow for projects that have a real connection to the project.

This isn't limited to Phorge/Arcanist extensions - extensions to other products to integrate with Phorge, scripts for maintenance of installs, training material - anything that's strongly related to the Phorge ecospace is valid.

2. Open Source

You'll need to have an explicit open source license covering the project.

3. Actively Maintained

That is, you'll need to be around to support it if needed.

You'll be in charge on push permissions to the repository, for example, and any release processes.

Asking for Hosting

If you want to host your project here, there are a few details we'll need:

  1. Name(s) (Of the project / repository)
  2. Short description
  3. Hosting form: The repository can either be "Hosted" here (with in the clone URI) or "Observed" from some other public location. Your pick.

In theory it can also be "Mirrored" from here to someplace else, but that's hard to setup.

  1. Name of Default branch (Assuming Git), or whatever is appropriate in svn/hg

Create a task with answers to all of these, tag it with Phactory: Community Projects, and ask an admin in Z1 to set it up for you.

For security reasons, you won't get access to directly manage the Repository object.

Actually Adding a Project (Admin only):
  • Create a Project for the project:
    • Initial Edit Policy: Member of projects, admins
    • Add the user to the project
  • Create new Repository (hosted/observed).
  • Activate it
  • Done?
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