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Easier landing of revisions
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Phorge's process allows contributors to submit changes through revisions which can then be accepted. However push access is not yet fully opened and currently this requires trusted contributors to land the accepted changes.

There exists experimental support for setting up Automated Landing which has been in-use in the Phabricator upstream for some time. Having this enabled in Phorge will make it easy to accept and land someone's changes without needing to grant them push access to the upstream or have those who do patch and land themselves. Additionally this should allow for running unit tests and lints on diffs automatically for submitted diffs/changes.

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Also when I look at a diff on upstream phabricator i see a land revision button - but I don’t see that for diffs on this instance.

Automated Landing should be what adds the "Land Revision" button to revisions -- so not fully automated but allows someone to land without needing a local clone to manage.