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New user on a Linux server with SSH (to be used only to Land stuff - Repository automation)
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NOTE: This specific Task is not about allowing continuous integration on untrusted Diffs. This Task is about landing approved and trusted stuff.

Adding a cute "Land" button on the web interface (in order to do not require arc land to land something) requires - at least - a dedicated Unix user somewhere.

Available options:

OptionWhat to doComment
1create a new VPS dedicated to build stuffIt costs. We are poor. Probably not 100% needed for this specific case: we just build trusted accepted code.
2just adduser bot-phorge-lander in the current installIt makes sense only if Phorge is secured as God wants, so, Phorge's config is 640, nothing is 777 etc.
IMPORTANT: In both cases, the user shall not be used for any other purpose.

There are other things to do then, but this is a first step.

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We can also start with 2, and then migrate to 1 when we will receive boatloads of donations from GitLab haters.

Anyway, I can surely then help in setting up this user in Harbormaster etc. (or at least indicating what should be done, since I don't have administration privileges)

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