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Conduit add status, sequence and isDefault to API results
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Authored by 20after4 on Apr 24 2022, 18:29.
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This seems like a fairly obvious oversight with the API.


  1. the status (active vs archived)
  2. isDefaultColumn (the one that tasks get dropped in by default)
  3. sequence (order on the workboard)

are all necessary for a lot of things that very sensible real-world API clients need to do when working with columns.

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Test Plan

Tested on over many months and used by real client apps.

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20after4 retitled this revision from Add column sequence to the conduit api results for to Add Status, sequence and isDefault to the conduit api results for 24 2022, 18:34
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It seems odd to return the strings "0" and "1" for the status. Unless there's a reason to do this, an integer would be more reasonable. Even better would be an array containing the keys "value" and "name", like in a few other status fields.


The existing bool fields use the language "True if ..." rather than "Whether ...".

This revision now requires changes to proceed.May 22 2022, 19:22

Thank you @20after4 for this patch. The inline comments seem reasonable to me. What do you think about?

avivey added a reviewer: 20after4.
  • change language and replace "status" with "isHidden"
  • celerify

(I haven't seen @20after4 for a while now. Also @0).


Should the key be changed to match?


Yes, they should :)

I tested this locally and it works, thank you.

The only strange thing is that the sequence field is supposed - internally - to be an integer but it's exposed as a string in this API.

I say, that it's supposed to be an int, since I noticed:

$next_sequence = last($board_columns)->getSequence() + 1;



So, I suggest to expose the sequence field as an integer, and not as a string.

In case, I suggest to return an int just from the API, without touching in any way the PhabricatorEdgeObject#getSequence() - in this moment.


As already mentioned I would recommend to return an integer here since all the known business logic of that information assume that as an integer, and so the API consumers should assume that as an integer.

I'm not opinionated about how, but maybe a single cast can do the job instead of doing a refactor, for now.

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@20after4 do you agree in exposing the sequence as an integer? (since it's assumed to be an integer internally)