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Jun 10 2021, 04:42 (19 w, 6 d)

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Aug 28 2021

0 added inline comments to D25016: Make Datepicker translatable.
Aug 28 2021, 18:12 · Calendar

Jul 15 2021

0 added a comment to T15030: Support a Phorge Extensions ecosystem.

There are some projects listed on the Phabricator Community Resources page. Would all of those be eligible for hosting here, or would there be some criteria to limit the number of external projects?

Jul 15 2021, 03:24 · Phorge
0 added a comment to T15014: Develop a Phorge Release Process.

But why would we need to explicitly keep them? They already exist upstream...

My suspicion, though I hadn't thought through it much, is that it might be useful during migration periods where someone has the repository checked out and there's are clear linear branches of the phabricator development vs. phorge development.

Jul 15 2021, 02:55 · Phorge