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Jun 10 2021, 04:42 (68 w, 4 d)

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Sat, Sep 24

0 added a member for Trusted Contributors: k__nard.
Sat, Sep 24, 18:13

Jul 26 2022

0 committed rP1965b78b34f1: Fix subtype extension support check (authored by 0).
Fix subtype extension support check
Jul 26 2022, 15:03
0 committed rP2f1acf8b10cb: Suppress PHP 8 deprecation warning in startup (authored by 0).
Suppress PHP 8 deprecation warning in startup
Jul 26 2022, 15:03
0 committed rP1b54afdce565: Saturate day of month in datepicker (authored by 0).
Saturate day of month in datepicker
Jul 26 2022, 15:02

May 22 2022

0 requested changes to D25038: Add Status, sequence and isDefault to the conduit api results for
May 22 2022, 19:22

Mar 2 2022

0 added a comment to D25031: Fix most PHP 8.1 issues.

This patch suppresses the deprecation errors at each site, but there might be a simpler workaround in the same spirit: change the error_reporting calls (of which there are only a handful) to exclude E_DEPRECATED. That would risk masking any other deprecations (probably fine in production, but not in development), whereas this patch risks hiding any non-deprecation errors at these locations.

Mar 2 2022, 01:20 · Phorge

Nov 13 2021

0 added a comment to D25027: Allow an infinite number of arcpatch_DXXXX_X branches to be created.

Although there's merit to the "zero, one, infinity" rule, it might not be the best option here. If something goes wrong and $err happens to always be falsy, this will end up in an infinite loop instead of giving a clear error message. There is probably a reasonable finite value (that's greater than 4) which can be chosen as the limit to the number of attempts.

Nov 13 2021, 05:59

Aug 28 2021

0 added inline comments to D25016: Make Datepicker translatable.
Aug 28 2021, 18:12 · Calendar

Jul 15 2021

0 added a comment to T15030: Support a Phorge Extensions ecosystem.

There are some projects listed on the Phabricator Community Resources page. Would all of those be eligible for hosting here, or would there be some criteria to limit the number of external projects?

Jul 15 2021, 03:24 · Phorge
0 added a comment to T15014: Develop a Phorge Release Process.

But why would we need to explicitly keep them? They already exist upstream...

My suspicion, though I hadn't thought through it much, is that it might be useful during migration periods where someone has the repository checked out and there's are clear linear branches of the phabricator development vs. phorge development.

Jul 15 2021, 02:55 · Phorge