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CSS modernization (umbrella task)
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Following discussion in T15630#15567 we should consider various CSS modernizations with the following goals:

  • more modular styles that can be better reused and adapted
  • better adaptability for different screen sizes
  • more modern look & feel
  • having a way to easy develop the CSS without using ./bin/celerity map after every change possible with developer mode
  • in a distant future: make Phorge themeable

What could be done and what are possible the next steps?

  • Using a modern webfont to have a unified look in every OS: T15630
  • Fix and enhance dark mode: T15056
  • Consider the use of CSS vars (especially for project colors to decrease such color classes) T15739
  • Adapt the size of certain aspects (font, width/visibilty of elements) with media queries (making the classes device-desktop and device-mobile on the body tag maybe unnecessary)
  • Planning using extensions to add themes to Phorge
  • Integrate the CSS in a modern build/bundle setup