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Make is easier to install Phorge in the smallest case
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We've had a couple of discussions recently that basically boil down to "It's too hard for a very small team to deploy Phorge".

The take-away is that some people want to start their own instance, but are intimidated by the setup process.

Possible paths forward:

  • Provide a docker image that makes it easy to deploy in a local machine, or in a small machine?
  • Same thing but with a VM
  • Same thing as a Helm chart for k8s? Docker Composer?
  • I think there's an app-store style thing for hosted VMs in the big cloud providers, but I might be imagining it.
    • maybe An Ubuntu package?
  • Maybe there is a way to make some subset work in cPanel (maybe Maniphest and some of the simpler apps)?

This overlaps T15011: Build a Phorge Developer Environment in a lot of cases, but should probably be a little different:

  • Developers need access to lots of internals; The users of this feature only want something that works.

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This is also consistent with the installation notes where a toaster and other things are mentioned (since We live in interesting times).

I do not remember who was developing Docker stuff for this. I've just found again this

I've just found again this

That looks like a decent start. At least, the compose file seems reasonable.

I have some containers I put together for development which could provide a place to start

I think there's an app-store style thing for hosted VMs in the big cloud providers

For AWS there is AMI¹, essentially pre-built disk images that people can use as a starting point for building their EC2 instances.

  1. Amazon Machine Images.

One concern that I have is that there isn't really a one-size fits all deployment. A single tiny VM image with the database and web server pre-installed would probably be ideal for evaluating and even for a tiny team's use. Once usage increases beyond a very basic level then users will fairly quickly outgrow a tiny VM and need at least a larger memory, more storage, possibly a separate database node, etc. Migrating from the tiny setup to a more robust setup might not be a fun process and I don't know how much we should encourage people to start out with a setup that won't scale very well for them.