Hide Archived Panels from Dashboards


Hide Archived Panels from Dashboards

In edit mode, Archived Panels are shown differently,
with content text in grey and with the usual red tag.

In view mode, Archived Panels are just not rendered.

This makes it easier to design Dashboards with individual
components that can be de-activated and re-activated on the fly.

Closes T15366.

After Archived Panel.png (549×657 px, 34 KB)

Test Plan:
Have a Dashboard somewhere (e.g in your homepage).

Visit a Panel (W-ID) and Archive it.

See that now the Panel is not shown anymore on the Dashboard.

Edit the Dashboard and you see the Panel again as "Archived".

Anything around is just normal.

Reviewers: O1 Blessed Committers, avivey

Reviewed By: O1 Blessed Committers, avivey

Subscribers: avivey, speck, tobiaswiese, Matthew, Cigaryno

Maniphest Tasks: T15366

Differential Revision: https://we.phorge.it/D25368