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Setup recurring Core meeting
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Setup a recurring meeting to make sure stuff is progressing.

I (avivey) think every-other-week should be a good start. Preferably, using some real-time video conferencing tool.


Add your name, time-zone and preferences below and we'll come up with some possible times later

PersonTime zonePeriodMethod
@speckGMT-4FortnightlyGoogle Meet, Zoom, whatever
@MatthewGMT -6FortnightlyNo preference
@20after4GMT-5FortnightlySomething that isn’t zoom :)
@dcogGMT-4FortnightlyJitsi Meet, something that isn’t zoom
@golyalphaGMT+1FortnightlySomething that works in browser, and isn't Zoom

Proposed Agenda

  1. Identify priority work (Technical and administrative)
    • Administrative processes
    • Rebranding
    • Making contributions easy for contributors as well as reviewers
    • Release Process
  2. Set roadmap for priority work
  3. Discuss "starmap" vision for larger changes
    • Arcanist
    • Harbormaster



Event Timeline

Based on the entries so far it seems like possible window of time for meeting would be 4pm-8pm GMT? That would mean 9am-1pm for GMT-6 and 6pm-10pm for GMT+2. If that time window seems reasonable would any day of the week be better than others?

For the video conference does trying out Jistsi sound okay? It seems to be the open source choice~

Prior to meeting we should also frame up a rough agenda for topics we want to prioritize discussing. Based on that we can see if 30 min is fine or if we should meet for longer.

dcog added a subscriber: dcog.

Would be a very good way to use a break during the week, and totally flexible for weekends here in that timeframe.. not sure if many are 9-5'ers Mon-Fri

avivey triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Mar 14 2022, 21:25

4pm-8pm GMT (6-10pm GMT+2) sounds good to me - I can even go up to ~midnight and looks like I'm the east-most.

I'm generally free every day after 7pm+2 (5pm gmt) except Sundays and Wednesdays (both weeknights and weekends).

Phabricator has a Calendar application but is prototype. I believe it's mostly functional -- should we enable prototypes on this install to try and use the calendar application for organizing this event?

For next week how does Monday (Mar. 21) or Thursday (Mar. 24) at 5pm GMT work? For me (EST) that would be 1pm, at that time I'll be able to fit up to a 1hr meeting.

In T15071#1840, @speck wrote:

should we enable prototypes on this install to try and use the calendar application for organizing this event?

I really really like this idea! Also EST here

Oh and both of those days/times work well

I turned on prototypes and created {E1}, adding everyone currently (individually) cc'd on this task as an invitee.

I also created a Jitsi meeting and put that in the description of {E1}.

Please let me know if that calendar event appears correct for everyone. I'm going to import the event into my calendar.

Matthew claimed this task.

I am closing this, future meetings are scheduled now. See March 21, 2022 for more information.