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Public**Public** chat suitable for do not disturb in the main channel - so to have spikes of high traffic. Tip: unset email notifications here :D

Btw I also landed D25425! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

Yeah, maybe we can split the section "Writing and submitting patches" to "Writing patches" and with "Submitting patches"
So to also mention how to use Arcanist

Also replacing Phacility with us :) asd

Nov 11th, 2023

I don't think I know enough to make those changes myself πŸ˜… so I started with a much simpler patch which I had already prepared before: D25465. Feel free to suggest additions/improvements there!

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Nov 21st, 2023
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Nov 28th, 2023

Could someone with permissions replace "today" by "25 August 2023" (I think?) on please? TIA

Done thanks (maybe we can escalate Aklapper as Blessed Communicator)

Dec 2nd, 2023

@valerio.bozzolan that was the fastest token I ever got πŸ˜‚

I have now added before-after screenshots :)

(I'm speaking of, for context)

Dec 6th, 2023

@valerio.bozzolan is there anything missing on my side for D25466 to move forward? No hurries, just making sure we're not waiting on each other :)

Dec 7th, 2023

Oh thanks. Tested again. Love it

I damn hate this week, at work we have a total mess and customers screaming about legacy stuff

My only friend at work is our Phorge installation and your patches

πŸ˜… 😁 I'm glad they're offering some relief. Supporting legacy stuff is such a chore.

Actually, nevermind. Let's not get into the weeds for a minor optimization. I'll land the change as-is and later we can refine that bit if we deem it useful.

Dec 8th, 2023

Yeah I've seen that comment but I don't know :D

Dec 13th, 2023

I love over-engineering commit messages and putting stupid things in test plans btw

Hahah I lost count of how much time I've spent writing near-essays in commit message bodies πŸ˜…

Dec 14th, 2023


Nice! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Dec 15th, 2023

Uh thanks

Jan 4th, 2024
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Jan 8th, 2024

Lol @akpapper in D25494 I think we should roll a dice

Jan 12th, 2024

Hi @sirocyl if you want ethernal glory, feel free to propose a patch - I'm talking about this:

So basically you do local changes and then you run ../arcanist/bin arc diff

Hi @aklapper if you want to try your new +1/-1 review power, we have an easy-peasy thing here D25507

Yeah I need to catch up with a few things...may have some more time soon because no reallife work interfering :P

Jan 18th, 2024

Lol in this page there are 700+ talks and Phorge is the number 7

Jan 29th, 2024
Feb 1st, 2024

I mean in "Projects are hashtags are tags."

Feb 5th, 2024

Thanks @philj0st for the report in D25530 (you are now in the family of Trusted Contributors )

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o/ no problem! thanks for the quick fix and warm welcome.

Feb 6th, 2024

I am trying to set up Differential for existing Bitbucket repos.
Users can login via Bitbucket OAuth. To observe a Bitbucket repo from Differential do I need a technical user in Bitbucket (either via https or ssh).
Am I correct in my assumption there's no way to directly use Bitbucket's access control via OAuth (scopes/claims)?
Would copying the Bitbucket access control manually to Phorge policies be the only way to do it?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I'll gladly repost somewhere else if that's the case.

I'm quite sure that OAuth does not automagically import access controls at the moment, my friend

mmh yeah thought so :) thanks for the information!

(I'm also unaware of any similar software with a similar feature)

Probably best to ask in Ponder

I just don't get the big picture. I mean:

  • You have a repository on Diffusion, observing Bitbucket (nice, easy)
  • You want a nice OAuth login to Bitbucket (nice, easy I think)
  • You want
  • You want that ONLY some people can see the BitBucket repository in BitBucket, and you want that very same permission in your Diffusion (?)

Maybe you can extend the OAuth login to automagically import teams from BitBucket, and create as related Tag in Phorge, maybe with a prefix like "BitBucket-Team-*", and force these Tags to be not editable by nobody.

So your Diffusion is Visible by that "BitBucket-Team-Foo"

So, the more people connect to OAuth, the more teams you import and the more people join the right groups

Feb 8th, 2024

Great Idea! I might look into that. I'm also unaware of any similar software with a similar feature especially outside of the Atlassian stack, it was wishful thinking :) who knows.

And yes you got the big picture. My team used Upsource before, which has been sunset in 2023. We work trunk based and Bitbucket supports only PR-based reviews. For now we would mostly need Differential's features.

Feb 27th, 2024

@mturdus I'm trying to install the lovely Diagrams app following but "arc liberate" gives an error to me from Phorge directory

LOAD ERROR Failed to load library at location "/var/www/phorge/src". This library is specified by "Configuration (Project Config File (/var/www/phorge/.arcconfig))". Check that the setting is correct and the library is located in the right place.

The error is resolved if I remove src/extensions/diagrams

My stack trace is

For more information, see: at [<arcanist>/src/init/init-library.php:26]
arcanist(head=arcpatch-D25489, ref.master=8ef1ead6aca0, ref.arcpatch-D25489=8ef1ead6aca0), phorge(head=master, ref.master=e2bec4c1f58b)
  #0 __phutil_autoload(string) called at [<phorge>/src/extensions/diagrams/src/storage/Diagram.php:3]
  #1 PhutilBootloader::executeInclude(string) called at [<arcanist>/src/init/lib/PhutilBootloader.php:291]
  #2 PhutilBootloader::loadExtension(string, string, string) called at [<arcanist>/src/init/lib/PhutilBootloader.php:109]
  #3 PhutilBootloader::registerLibrary(string, string) called at [<arcanist>/src/init/lib/core.php:5]
  #4 phutil_register_library(string, string) called at [<phorge>/src/__phutil_library_init__.php:3]
  #5 include_once(string) called at [<arcanist>/src/init/lib/PhutilBootloader.php:251]
  #6 PhutilBootloader::executeInclude(string) called at [<arcanist>/src/init/lib/PhutilBootloader.php:215]
  #7 PhutilBootloader::loadLibrary(string) called at [<arcanist>/src/init/lib/moduleutils.php:40]
  #8 phutil_load_library(string) called at [<arcanist>/src/runtime/ArcanistRuntime.php:457]
  #9 ArcanistRuntime::loadLibrary(ArcanistConfigurationEngine, string, string) called at [<arcanist>/src/runtime/ArcanistRuntime.php:374]
  #10 ArcanistRuntime::loadLibraries(ArcanistConfigurationEngine, ArcanistConfigurationSourceList, PhutilArgumentParser) called at [<arcanist>/src/runtime/ArcanistRuntime.php:104]
  #11 ArcanistRuntime::executeCore(array) called at [<arcanist>/src/runtime/ArcanistRuntime.php:37]
  #12 ArcanistRuntime::execute(array) called at [<arcanist>/support/init/init-arcanist.php:6]
  #13 require_once(string) called at [<arcanist>/bin/arc:10]

I mean, prefixed by

[2024-02-27 10:13:21] EXCEPTION: (PhutilMissingSymbolException) Failed to load symbol "DiagramDAO" (of type "class or interface").

The class or interface "DiagramDAO" is not defined in the library map of any loaded library.

(The class is there in ./src/extensions/diagrams/storage/DiagramDAO.php)

Feb 28th, 2024

@aklapper I'm starting to have fun writing branch names for Differential folks - thanks again for that life lesson

Feb 29th, 2024

@20after4 Ouch I see we have no documentation in No documentation here about that Remarkup feature. If you hack the document I will immediately +1

Mar 12th, 2024

Hi @tsc you are now in the family of Trusted Contributors - thanks for any task

Mar 13th, 2024

Would you like to go to court to defend that statement? :)


Mar 25th, 2024
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Oh did not see that chat and I'm spamming the main channel.

Don't worry be flame

Still need someone to look at my stuff If I'm doing it right: D25558

Mar 26th, 2024

Hi, I need more context. What is that patch supposed to do, which problem is that patch supposed to solve? Editing its title and description is welcome :)

The patch in itself is not that useful, it would be more usefull if you could watch the whole file in it's current state, because I'm implementing this extension from scratch and want to know if I'm doing it right.

@aklapper I updated the description. I hope it is more clear what needs to be done.

Apr 16th, 2024

@bekay probably n.3 and n.4 should be swapped in the README (?)

Apr 24th, 2024

@Jack_who_built_the_house please set these as visible to everybody F2157279 F2157280 - sorry for this extra step

BTW can I ask you, how you embedded these files?
We are probably missing some automatic-attachment hook

May 18th, 2024

The next week I will be on heavy vacancy, so I will be probably more available for little tests and reviews lol
Thanks @aklapper for the true fun in this period. I love having Differential full of stuff and vibrant lol

Heh, thanks in advance. :D Installed PHPStan for code analysis so there's a good bunch of things to fix and a few more complicated ones to come

OK, I'm scared now lol

We all are. But together, we will face and overcome our fears! Doubleswear.

May 20th, 2024

wait, where did my messages here go?

What makes you think there were some?

May 21st, 2024

not sure, i sort of recall having some messages here, guess im recalling wrong :P

May 31st, 2024

@aklapper btw imagine an Italian port authority telling Β«"salga a bordo cazzo"Β» to an Italian capitan that means β€œfucking get on board.”

Heh, you remind me of my favorite escalation moments in Italy after that Wikimania conference :D

Really thanks @aklapper since only thanks to your bugs I discovered, today, how the damn "app welcome messages" are rendered

Heh, while I'm still screaming over very strange Javelin JS behavior here :D

Jun 3rd, 2024

God will bless whoever will master Javelin

I barely understand how to find an element in the DOM with that

And it seems the most expensive thing in the planet to me, since it's a manual for-loop over direct children and so on

All the sigil things is relatable, but insteresting and understandable, for CSS/HTML separation. But then, why the hell to find a sigil I must express its specific HTML tag name? If I want separation, and I want to assign a sigil on a tag, it's nonsense to stuck on a specific HTML tag and look for ul tags with dog sigil, and does not work if I migrate that sigil to a div

The reason is: finding an element by sigil name is slow. So, users must find elements by tag-name + sigil-name, thereby losing the desired separation

Jun 18th, 2024

Heads-up: I plan to accept the CSS modernization changes in but a second person testing is ofc welcome

For that patch I suggest the "whatcouldgowrong" macro

Jun 20th, 2024
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Jul 17th, 2024

Maybe notable for

The last one is quite important/critical imvho asd